In the Filevsky Park of the city of Moscow (station m. "Bagrationovskaya"), near the Palace of Culture named after Gorbunov, there is a unique in its nature cafe - "Mask". The uniqueness of the institution lies in its structure.

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Structure of the cafe "Mask"

Filevsky Park located on its territorya complex of seven arbours, which are components of one large institution. Each gazebo is separate from the other and can house a small company within its walls. This division of space contributes to the creation of a personal atmosphere for every company that rests in a cafe.

"Mask" (Filevsky Park), except the complexarbors, has also a main hall, which in essence is more like a small bar, as well as a veranda and a summer terrace that works in the warm season.

The institution is always ready to meet not onlyadults, but also small visitors. Specially for them there is a playground with slides and a sandbox. On Fridays and Saturdays in "Mask" there is a team of animators who are engaged in entertainment of your kids.

Great Hall and Terrace

The cafe "Mask" (Filevsky park) is decorated veryconcisely. The interior is dominated by a combination of white and beige flowers. The walls are decorated with laths of light wood, and the ceilings are white hinged. The overall picture of the interior is complemented by beige textiles and plasma TVs, which often broadcast sports events. Also in the hall there are several small paintings that act as decor.

The terrace is decorated in pale pink and greentones. Here around the eye rushes lightweight textiles, which is present on the ceiling and on the walls. On its territory, there are mainly banquets and celebrations. Accommodation on the terrace can be about 50 people, and in the hall - up to 65.

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As for the arbors, there are three types in the cafe: there are gazebos, designed for a number of guests up to 10, up to 15 and up to 30 people. In pavilions it is very convenient to hold small events or simply to gather cheerful noisy companies for interesting pastime or singing your favorite songs in karaoke (each room has a karaoke system with two microphones and a plasma TV). All the gazebos are very comfortable, as in each of them there is a high-quality air conditioning system: in summer it is cool in the premises, and in winter it is warm.

Pavilions designed for companies up to 10 people,are called "Gzhel". They are small wooden rooms, painted with blue and red patterns. Tables and benches are simple, but wide and very comfortable, painted with colors. In each of these halls there is a plasma TV and karaoke.

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There is a cafe "Mask" (Filevsky Park)two arbors called "Hunting". They can accommodate up to 30 people in their walls, which allows for small banquets. The interior of the arbor "Hunting" is more like a hunter's house - there are hunting trophies on the walls everywhere.

If visitors are going to celebrate a holiday inone of the arbors, then it is advisable to notify the administration in advance of the complex, since in this case the room will be decorated with balls and flowers specially for you.

Menu and bar cafe "Mask" (Filevsky Park)

The menu offers a variety of Russian andCaucasian cuisine. On the territory of the cafe there is a brazier, where at the request of guests can be prepared shish kebab from any kind of meat, lyulya-kebab, several types of side dishes, pork ribs, steak and chicken wings. Also in the assortment of the menu there is a wide choice of soups, side dishes, salads, cold and warm snacks, as well as desserts.

The bar card includes a large numberalcohol, as well as a variety of soft drinks: cocktails, lemonade, kvass kvass, carbonated drinks, juice and mors. In the menu there is a self-cooking node, as well as tea and coffee beans of different varieties.

Additional Information

Any of your events can be held by the cafe "Mask" (Filevsky Park). Feedback from guests invited by you will be the best, because here every visitor is in a comfortable atmosphere for him.

Every day, after 6 pm and before closingcomplex, guests relax under live music and wonderful vocal. Between the live performances, background music plays. In addition, in closed arbors, everyone can feel like a vocalist, performing favorite hits in karaoke.

Administration strongly recommendsbook the desired pavilions and places in the halls before visiting the cafe, because during your visit there may be no vacancies. Booking can be made by calling the phone number indicated on the official website of the "Mask" complex.

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The institution works every day: from Sunday to Thursday - from 12-00 to 02-00, and every Friday and Saturday - from 12-00 to 05-00.

Address of the cafe "Mask": Moscow, st. Novoazovskaya, 27 B (not far from the metro station "Bagrationovskaya").