It's no secret that not all people eat with pleasureporridge. But this is a native Russian dish. To make it more beloved, you need to know how to cook porridge. This is exactly what will be discussed in this article. We will give some advice on cooking porridge, so that it turned out delicious and liked even stubborn ghosts.

Despite the simplicity of the dish, its optionsthere is a lot of cooking. Starting from the cooking technology and ending with the ingredients used in cooking porridge. It can be cooked on milk, water or mix these two liquids. Depending on the proportion of the taken cereal and liquid, the porridge turns liquid, friable or viscous.

How to cook porridge so that they are delicious? The most important rule is to choose quality groats. Before cooking porridge, grains must necessarily be sorted and selected bad grains. Then, if it is required, the rump needs to be rinsed. But keep in mind that while it absorbs a certain amount of fluid. Therefore, when cooking, you need to reduce the amount of milk or water.

Some cereals are not washed, for example manna. In this case, you just need to pour in the pan the right amount of water or milk and add salt to taste. When the liquid boils, add to it the necessary amount of cereals. If you put a little fat in the pan before pouring the porridge, the taste will get better, and the porridge will get more friable.

Sometimes porridge is prepared from roasted cereals. In this case, the amount of liquid should be slightly increased. When frying, the cereal loses a certain percentage of moisture. If the croup is washed, then it must be done immediately before it is added to the boiling water. Having fallen asleep in a saucepan of croup, it is necessary accurately to mix it that the grains are not damaged.

Sometimes porridge cook until half cooked, and then put her oven to get it to condition. This method is based on the old traditions of preparing porridges.

Manna porridge falls asleep only in boiling water. This should be done gradually, always stirring with a spoon, so that there are no lumps. You can use a strainer.

Some cereals are badly boiled in milk. These include rice, pearl barley, millet. How to cook porridge from these cereals? First you need to boil them in water. We put the pan with a lot of water and wait for it to boil. Then we fall asleep in it grits and cook for about 10 minutes. After this, you need to drain the water and add the necessary amount of milk to the porridge. The fire must be such that the porridge does not boil very much, otherwise it will burn.

When preparing crumbly porridgeraw rump. Usually it is cooked on a side dish or as an independent dish. Every grain in such a cereal must preserve its structure, but it must be well-cooked. If the croup is served as a garnish, then you can boil it in the broth. How to cook porridge to make it crumbly?

Before cooking, you need to sort through the croup. Then rinse it first in warm water to wash off the starch, and then in hot water to remove the fat that may have appeared on the surface. Water should be added approximately twice as much as cereals.

To weld viscous porridge, you can take crushedgroats or semolina. Such cereal is better to boil. Viscous porridge is boiled on water, milk or mixed with these two ingredients. It can add raisins, prunes, dried apricots and other ingredients. This porridge is usually made sweet.

Now you know how to cook porridge. But you can cook it in a simpler way. Porridge in a double boiler is very crumbly and delicious. With the help of this "miracle of technology" you can cook porridge from any kind of cereal. Just put all the ingredients in the container and put it on the lower level. The cooking time depends on the type of cereal, but on average it is about 30 minutes. Eat for health!