For those who are fond of cooking or simply often prepare food, it is important to know how many grams or milliliters of oil fit into a glass, a dining room or a teaspoonful.

For example, those who like to bake, can not help but worry: 100 grams of butter is how many spoons?

Chemical states of substances

In order to correctly answer, you need to accuratelyto know what condition butter is in - in liquid (melted) or solid (but in any case it should be softened, since frozen simply can not be measured normally).

100 grams of butter is how much?

It is known that the structure of products will bedepending on how many grams fit, for example, in a tablespoon. Different liquids take up exactly the space in the spoon, which is limited by the deepening of the spoon. Liquids can not be poured with a slide, but because of them it is customary to measure the volume of a tablespoon.

So how do you answer the question that worries many housewives: 100 grams of butter is how many tablespoons?

Standard volume

The accepted standard capacity is18 ml. Exactly so much is placed in a tablespoon of water, if, of course, a tablespoon is produced in Russia or the CIS countries. In Europe or America, tablespoons of a different size (15 ml), this should be taken into account using recipes from foreign sources.

The weight of other liquids depends on their densitycompared with water. If the fluids are less dense, they will be less in a spoonful. For example, vegetable oil or melted cream. They fit in a tablespoon exactly 17 ml. Oils are lighter than water, and therefore, despite the same volume, they will weigh differently.

Culinary arithmetic

100 grams of butter is how much? This question is asked by the hostesses, who did not understand the subtleties of the volumes of table spoons. By the way, when measuring in a spoon the weight of butter, which is in a softened state (keeps its shape in the spoon), do not forget that it can be typed with a large slide - the weight will be larger, or with the middle one - less.

100 grams of butter is how many spoons?

So, after all, for the beginning we must understand, 100A gram of butter is how many tablespoons? If you measure melted butter with tablespoons, then you need 100 divided by 17, after which you will get about 5.9. If you neglect the 0.1 part, you get only six tablespoons of fully melted butter, which together are equal to the 100 grams you need.

If you plan to use a softenedbutter, then it is placed in a classical table spoon of 20 grams, but in the event that the slide is small. If 100 divided by 20 - it turns out 5. This means that the answer to the exciting question: "100 grams of butter - this is how many tablespoons?" - will be as follows: "This is five tablespoons."