Libra - the sign of the Zodiac people born from September 24 to October 23. The peculiarity and dissimilarity of this sign to others lies in the fact that this is the only in the Zodiac inanimate object.

In order to understand what signs Libra combines best, you need to know the characteristics of this sign.

Almost without exception, representatives of thissign hate the crowd. They are constantly striving for inner and outer harmony, they seek to reconcile even the most implacable opponents. However, this does not mean that Libra is always calm, reserved. Their symbol perfectly reflects the state of mind: before you come into emotional balance, the bowls hesitate for a long time. These people are capable of violent emotional outbursts.

In general, Libra - the sign of the Zodiac, the compatibility of which can change with the years. In their youth they can not decide for a long time, therefore they can often change their partners. Their search for an ideal can last for years.

However, the mature Libra, finally making their choice, having found balance, will strive with all their might to harmonize relations, support the partner in everything.

Much depends on the signs with which they communicateLibra. Their compatibility with Aries is unquestionable, it resembles the relations of a noble knight with a cute, unheeded princess. Curious, life-loving signs complement each other. A resolute Aries is always able to support a more relaxed representative of Libra, and he, in turn, will do everything to make relations become ideal.

But not all relationships are capable with easeeven build Libra. Their compatibility with Taurus is a long, complex, often unpromising process. Each of them likes exactly what is absolutely not interested in the partner, and both signs change to the other side with difficulty. Therefore, such a marriage can become successful only under the condition of mutual love, the ability to change for the sake of another person.

What unites the restless Gemini and Libra? Compatibility of these signs is based on intellectual communication, shared leisure. Scales and Gemini, despite some contrast, will never be bored with each other. However, it is rather a marriage partner. Passion, emotions in him is not enough, so it is not surprising that both halves will occasionally seek out the missing emotions on the side. However, this is quite acceptable spouses, sorratnikov.

Libra and Cancers will never be able to create a sincere marriage. Their relationship will always be reduced not to feelings, but to the image, the creation of a favorable opinion of oneself.

But brilliant it is possible to name marriage Lions-Libra. Compatibility is beyond doubt, it is based on the fact that Libra, revealing her talents in the rays and under the leadership of a powerful Lion, will give him harmony, peace, in which the Lion badly needs.

Successful, but calm can be considered an allianceThe Virgo-Libra. Compatibility can be built on different bases. Love, sensitivity to each other, the desire for peace, intellectual interests - these are the unifying components of this marriage.

Very ambiguous is the Libra-Libra union. The two partners are so similar to each other as the reflection in the mirror on the original. As a person who sees himself in the mirror, they will then admire their reflection, then experience irritation from one of its kind. Therefore, the compatibility of Libra-Libra depends entirely on the temperament of the spouses, their ability to stop in time.

In the Libra-Scorpio alliance, the latter will take pleasure in their own importance, and Libra - from the ability to manage such a complex character.

Very interesting communication Streltsov and representatives of the sign "Libra". Their compatibility is based on mutual support for social growth, achievement of career heights.

Relations with Capricorn Libra is built on a contractual basisbasis, trying to anticipate in advance all the benefits or losses. But they may not have a sexual side of their life together: sophisticated Capricorn is unlikely to understand the humble and calm representative of Libra.

Aquarius will be able to charm Vesam only on a mental level. Two of these signs are able to become best friends, but for love relationships they will not have enough attraction.

Scales and Pisces in marriage create relationships thatcan be described as bliss. But Pisces will always have to give a little more, and Libra - a little more work. If partners can reconcile with this, their marriage will last a lifetime, not complicated by anything serious.