which means the name of Elvira

About what Elvir's name means,anthroponymic scholars are still arguing. Some suggest that this is a female version of the male name Alvar, which can be translated as "supportive", "benevolent", "faithful", "alert," "cautious." Others believe that the word that came from the Old German language can be understood as "all-truthful." There are also those who are sure: the origin of the name Elvira is Spanish, and in translation it means "everyone who keeps, protects". There is also an Arabic version - Ilfir, which means "patriot". What are the characteristics of a "venerable" and "supportive" girls?

What is the name of Elvira? Character

Elvira is a born leader. The name, which in many countries was mostly called babes from noble families, simply obliges the girl to be domineering, aristocratic, intelligent. These features are noticeable from early childhood. Elvira easily makes friendships, but only if he takes the lead in them. She is endowed with a stormy temperament, which has not yet learned to harness. In the kindergarten, she takes away other people's toys, at school she constantly conflicts with teachers and classmates. But Elia - the creation is very clever.

the origin of the name of Elvira
She is able to draw conclusions and not allow repetition of her own mistakes.

What is the name of Elvira? The fact that for years for twenty years a noisy and conflicted girl turns into a true lady. She perfectly understands others, becomes diplomatic, restrained. This is facilitated by her ability to work on herself, perseverance, steel will. What does Elvira's name mean for a mature woman? The fact that she will never be exchanged for trifles and raise a storm in a glass. However, she does not forgive big miscalculations, especially those committed because of negligence or laziness. Without nerves and cries, she will be able to morally destroy the guilty. Strong will, leadership qualities, aspiration to control everything make it difficult for a woman to communicate with others, most of whom do not understand: a woman is as exacting to herself as to others. However, it is these features that prevent Elvira from conquering career peaks. She will never become the highest leader, but she will never be a housewife.

What is the name of Elvira for her chosen one

A person who decided to marry Elvira shouldremember: she will never become an excellent housewife. A faithful and faithful wife, a girl can become only if she is sure: the thoughts, feelings, and body of the chosen one belong exclusively to her. In this case, it will make for the loved one even the impossible. However, if a woman who does not understand half-tones and half-voices even suspects insincerity, she immediately destroys her own life, and destroys the elector's fate.

which denotes the name of Elvira

It is not very easy for her to communicate with her husband: it is not inferior to leadership positions, has a mass of male traits, among which self-will, stubbornness and freedom-loving are not the most negative. That's why the husband of such a person should be a soft, compliant, somewhat led, but very loving person. However, he must have enough willpower to sometimes stop too stubborn aspiration of the wife to leadership at any cost.