Aquarius from which by what number

If you ask your grandmother the question: "The sign of the Zodiac Aquarius - from which to what number?", Then it may not answer you, because different horoscopes were not particularly revered until the October Revolution, and in the USSR they were not encouraged for use by the broad masses. Occult and close to them engaged in special closed units, the development and calculations of which are still classified as "Secret". The fashion for such information for the population came during perestroika, when the information space was opened for both Western and Eastern trends.

Is modern astrology obsolete?

Today, accurately establish the data on the sign of Aquarius(from which to what number) can not be reliably reliably, because there is a point of view that because of the change in the position of the Earth's axis, the whole horoscope has shifted by almost one sign of the Zodiac. To this opinion came the professor of astrology Kankl, who believes that the signs of the Zodiac, formed 2000 years ago, are now obsolete. However, he has many opponents who believe that astrology is oriented towards the point of the spring solstice, with which the Aries sign begins, and not on the location of the stars nearby.

From what date does Aquarius (the sign of the Zodiac) begin according to Kankl's calculations?

He believes that those born under such a constellationcan consider themselves those whose birth was for the period from the sixteenth of February to the eleventh of March. An interesting feature of the horoscope compiled by the astrophysicist is that it contains one week for Scorpio (November 23-29), and the Ophiuchus sign (from November 29 to December 17), previously absent, was added.

from what date does Aquarius begin?

Famous astronomers adhere to traditions

In most of the published horoscopes, in thatnumber of known astrologers (Pavel Globa, etc.) did not mention that signs, including Aquarius, somehow shifted. From what number, how many can be found in classic zodiac layouts? Persons born from January 20 to February 19 may consider themselves born under this sign.

These people can install for themselvesbelonging to the sign Aquarius. From what date it starts, this person has a desire for freedom, new knowledge, extensive acquaintances. Persons who were born on the above dates are witty, independent, interesting. But it must be taken into account that finally the character of an individual is formed under a great number of astrological factors, of which the sign of the Zodiac is the simplest.

Aquarius from which date

Time shifts all landmarks

The true parameters of the sign of the Aquarius zodiac (withof which by what number) in the future will be difficult to establish, since with each century the equinox points marked in calendars in the sign of Aries (and Libra - the autumn equinox) will increasingly shift to other constellations (one for 2-2 , 5 thousand years). At the same time, earthquake displacement and precession are affected by earthquakes and other major natural disasters. Therefore, it is worth not to focus on your own compliance with astrological characteristics, but to shape life and relationships yourself.