Believe it or not, the mystical linethe development of mankind, of course, is progressing with each passing year. That already only is not present! Now it has become fashionable to engage in occultism and black magic. The latter includes such negative effects on the will and destiny of man, as spells, evil eye and spoilage. They take away health (mental and physical), poisoning life with the "chosen." As with any negative influence, we must definitely fight against them. How to remove spoiling and the evil eye, we will tell in our article.

how do they spoil


This negative intentional effectof an energetic-magical nature on a person, on his loved ones, on his pets or on property. Its main difference from the evil eye is intentional guidance! In most cases, people who wish evil to others do not have skills in the field of black magic, so they turn to specialists in this field - sorcerers and witches, because they know with the greatest accuracy how they induce and how to remove spoiling.

The person who has been exposed to this evil beginsto experience many unpleasant consequences. His health is deteriorating or completely lost, relations in the family and with close people are collapsing, at work and in business there are solid black bands, there are big financial difficulties. Such a person, when he guesses what is happening, tries to find out how to remove spoiling, and tries with all his might to do it.

plot against evil eye and spoilage

Evil eye

This is also a negative message, but, unlikedamage, unintended nature. He is unconscious, nonspecial. To maleficiate a person, there is no need to visit black magicians and witches. The reasons for its occurrence are as follows:

  • hypocritical praise;
  • prolonged communication with the energy vampire;
  • black envy;
  • a curse, accidentally flown from someone's mouth;
  • if a person with a powerful and dark energy gives you close attention.

Those who have been jinxed, experience minor but systematic difficulties and troubles, frivolous, but persistent illnesses, loss of appetite and a depressed mental and emotional state.

Conspiracy against evil eye and spoilage

It is necessary to understand that in such an important matterthe help of specialists in this field is needed. Self-struggle and treatment will only increase the impact of negative energy! Only magicians and sorcerers can remove from you spoilage and evil eye. They use special conspiracies and conduct all the necessary rituals (sometimes not very pleasant). In doing so, they strongly do not recommend including an "answer". Real professionals who know firsthand how to remove spoiling, are well aware that this will not cause your abuser absolutely no harm, but will strengthen exactly your suffering. They claim that healing will come only if you forgive your enemies.

"Mirror protection" from spoiling - does it help?

This technique has already proved its effectiveness into ill-wishers. But, unfortunately, he is powerless against mages, sorcerers and witches, who are engaged in professional spoiling. Remember that in this case the "wedge-wedge" rule operates. They caused you to spoil - go to the sorcerer, let him take it off. If you just need to protect yourself from evil languages, then the "mirror struggle" is a very suitable method.

mirror protection against damage
It must be imagined that on each side (and from abovetoo) you are surrounded by a brick wall. Its outer layer is mirror-polished mirrors facing you from the world. The bottom line is that from which side the enemy would not attack, there is a reflected and more powerful retaliatory strike! The most important thing is not to give out your intentions, your opponent should not guess about "mirror protection"! Your calm and friendly disposition will force him to constantly build up the force of blows, receiving them in return, but with even greater power! Soon a fruitless struggle will tire him, and he will untie you.