In my articles on the interpretation of certain dreams, II like to address the opinion of the American psychologist Gustav Miller, or rather, his dream book. So today we will ask him for help. In this article, we'll look at what the hell is dreaming, first of all, according to Miller's dream book, and then - Juno.

what the hell is dreaming about

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In general, the devil (old or young) ishenchman and servant of the dark forces. In folklore, this character is always the opponent of any positive hero, that is, an anti-hero. So, what do the leading scientists of the whole world talk about this in their dream books?

The main Millerian interpretation

The most accurate dream book (Gustav Miller) saysto us, that a fairy-tale feature in a dream is a symbol of a bad human character that exerts a direct influence on the life of the person himself. Dreaming horned with a tail advises us to start improving as quickly as possible in order to avoid potential trouble and problems. In this regard, Miller gives a single basic interpretation, what the hell is dreaming about. It is a sign telling about a meeting with one (or several) of its negative sides. Man sort of splits into a few "I".

the most accurate dream book
He encounters the self-egoist, the i-cynic, the i-miser, and so on. If he can persistently survive all these meetings with himself, then he will move to a higher level of self-development.

Secondary Millerian interpretation

Above we learned the basic interpretation of what we dream aboutheck. However, in Miller's book there is also a secondary explanation for such a dream. If you see in the guise of a horned unclean self, then it's time for you to grow up! The fact is that many of your actions are the most common stupidity, and also the manifestation of secret vices ... Urgently get rid of it! Otherwise, you will waste all your financial savings and in the end spoil your reputation! That's what Gustav Miller thinks. Now let's look at what the biggest dream book in the world says to us - the dream book of Juno!

Juno's interpretation

Here, just like Miller, the devil bringsbad events. However, according to the Juno dreambook, the interpretation of what the devil dreams about depends entirely on the social and professional belonging of the person.

the biggest dream book

  1. If in a dream you are the director of a large company, then in life you will become bankrupt, as a consequence - conflicts in the family.
  2. If you are an athlete or an extreme profession, then think about your health. In the near future there is a significant risk of injury.
  3. An interesting interpretation leads us to the dream book of Junoabout business women. If she dreams in the image of the old trait some solid (known to her in real life) man - you need to beware of him and him! In the near future, it is worth denying all attractive men.
  4. If the teacher dreams of a scholarly trait - with glasses and a book in his paws, be careful: next to you there is an envious person who is trying to survive you from work.
  5. If you are a prostitute in a dream, and are engaged in a devilish passionate and violent sex - you will be forced to betray, both from your side and from your side.
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