In order to know if the dream will come true, thatcan prevent its execution, get a clue how it is better to act, so that the necessary one happens rather, you can use fortune telling to desire. There are various variants of this type of divination. When choosing it is necessary, first of all, to look at whether a fortune-telling is suitable for the current situation, whether it reflects a specific desire.

Before you start to learn the rules of divination,it's a way to see the line of a probable future. And it largely depends on the present, on the thoughts, desires, actions of man. Thus, divination by desire gives a forecast that comes from today. If the result does not suit, then it's worth taking all the measures to change the future, and after a while you can re-betray, and check what changes have occurred.

The effectiveness of divination is also influenced bytime. It is best to carry out this process closer to the full moon, on Monday, or on the day, to which the planet corresponds, most closely matching the subject of desire. If the topic refers to the physical world (conflicts, health), then guessing is better spent on Tuesday, which accompanies Mercury, if the necessary is related to trade, communication, knowledge, then a more successful day will be Wednesday (Mercury). If the dream is connected with money, business, with the acquisition of material prosperity, then it is necessary to choose Thursday (Jupiter). Love, personal relationships, feelings will best open on Friday, which is patronized by Venus.

Guessing desire is more appropriate in isolation, undercover the night. At this time, nothing should bother: you need to turn off the TV, phone, apartment ring. If the fortune-telling has been prevented for some reason, it is better to transfer it to another more favorable day.

Divination by desire must be performed in the darkroom, and for the light source take a church candle. Favorable effects will be incense from juniper, sandalwood, patchouli, incense, cinnamon, mint, which will help to adjust consciousness to the perception of the future.

The main methods will be divination by tarot desire, with the help of wax, by shadows, bark, coin, etc.

To bring the dream closer with waxcastings, do the following. It is necessary to write a wish on paper, on which to put a cup of cold water. Beforehand put the wax in the iron container, it should be melted on the fire of three candles. Then, concentrating on the desire, the wax is poured into the water. Interpretation of the result is intuitive. And the result will depend on how the person deciphers the symbols, what they will cause associations.

Guessing on desire on playing cardsit is so. In the middle of the table put a card that reflects the desire. On the left there will be a map that helps the conceived to be realized, to the right is the one that prevents. The sign on the map from above will indicate the patron in the fulfillment of desire, from below will tell about how the conceived will be realized.

For divination by the shadows it is necessary to take a leafpaper, write on it desire, name, date of birth. Next, you have to crush the paper in a lump. Then a white plate is placed on the table, and a white paper sheet is hung on the opposite wall. Next, the lump is placed on a plate and ignited on three sides, before turning off the light. You need to look closely at the silhouettes on the wall that will show the result.

Guessing on desire with the help of birch bark. The water is drawn into the basin, the outcomes of desire are written on six pieces of paper. Then the paper strips are placed on the edge of the pelvis evenly in a circle, and a piece of bark is placed on the center of the water. Next, look at which of the desires stop the bark, this will be the outcome of divination. To get an objective result, it is necessary to record not only positive results, but also neutral and negative ones. The roots of this fortune telling go back to the ancient tradition of asking the water for answers to the questions of interest.