Why does my mother-in-law dream? This question worries many girls. The majority at the mention of the mother of the spouse there are unpleasant associations. Well, it's not uncommon. And sometimes it really happens that the daughter-in-law and mother-in-law do not get along. The reasons can be different. And what does this vision mean? It is worthwhile to understand and refer to the dream books.

What does my mother-in-law dream about?

Modern book of interpretations

So, the first thing is to tell about whathis mother-in-law is dreaming about the Book of the XXI century. First of all, such a picture is a symbol of overcoming difficulties and various life obstacles. If the girl imagined this, do not prematurely begin to worry. Dreaming means that all the difficulties that it is now experiencing will soon be overcome, and the result, which it originally expected, will necessarily be achieved. Yet often this vision means that relations with loved ones will go well (if at the moment they are not in the best condition).

The behavior of the mother of the husband in a dream can also givethe answer to the question of what the mother-in-law is dreaming about. Swearing is a bad sign. He tells that in real life the girl is surrounded by tactless and unfeeling people who constantly provoke her to quarrels and conflicts. It is recommended not to take everything that is happening to heart. Ignoring provocations of various kinds, the dreamer can greatly facilitate his life.

to what dreams that her mother-in-law died

English dream book

This book of interpretations also gives a very interestingthe answer to the question about what the mother-in-law is dreaming about. They say that such a vision foreshadows guests. But only the visit will not bring positive emotions. After it, on the contrary, big problems will begin, and the girl will be compelled to solve them. If the dreamer talks to his mother-in-law in a dream, it promises an acquaintance with those personalities who will bring troubles into her life. And if she can not resist the newly made acquaintances, they will quickly orient themselves and raise their problems on her shoulders.

And why does the mother-in-law, who is ill, dream? If a girl sees how she cares for her mother's faithful, it's worth worrying - this is not a very good sign. Usually he says that her close people can urgently need help. And they will not be able to refuse, because there will be reasons not depending on the dreamer. But to take help from mother-in-law in a dream, to see that she is trying to look after and help is a more positive dream. It means that the dreamer will get what he needs. And from unexpected people.

Interesting nuances

In order to understand exactly what is dreamingmother-in-law, you need to take into account the details of the vision and some nuances. For example, if such a dream was seen by a girl who appeared in the summer, it is worth preparing for the worst. And all the measures that she took earlier to ensure their own security, will be empty or not as reliable as it seemed before. And the trouble can come from any direction. And it is not known what exactly it will be and what it will touch. That's why you should be ready for anything and enlist the support of the person whom the girl trusts as much as possible.

And what is the vision for those women whowere born in the autumn? This is a strong and undeserved offense. It is possible that the girl will be insulted by the parents of her chosen one. Probably, they do not hesitate to influence their son: he will also start not doing pleasant things with his lover. But what to do in this case, to decide the girl herself.

what does the former mother-in-law dream about

Greetings from the past

And what does the former mother-in-law dream about? This is also interesting. If the girl recently divorced and she dreamed of such dreams, then this heralds an unusual surprise. Perhaps her ex-husband is very bored by her and hopes to see him soon. If the girl also still has some feelings for him, do not forget about what connected them for a long time. You can try to start over. Probably, the man has changed for the better.

The future mother-in-law, who appeared in a dream, caninterpreted in a different way. If in real life a girl with a potential second "mom" relationship immediately did not work out, then the vision is not pleasant. And she promises strained communication with her. Tensions are unlikely to be anyone's joy. However, nothing better will not change in the near future.

And to see the house of his mother-in-law - to the fact that the girlwill become a very close member of her family. You can rejoice! The dreamer managed to win the trust and melt the heart of his beloved's mother. She will be accepted into the family. But to quarrel with her is not good. This is to the fact that the girl will soon come across a misunderstanding of those people whom she considered close.

what does the deceased mother-in-law dream about

Sonnik Miller

In more detail it is worthwhile to tell about whatI dream that my mother-in-law died. Usually this vision foreshadows the girl's trials, which she must persevere to meet. If, however, the dreamer experienced unpleasant sensations, then indicates a possible illness of the mother of her lover. That's what it's dreaming about that my mother-in-law died.

But if it is in real life for a long time alreadylight - what does this mean? Usually, such a vision is apologetic. Perhaps the lover's mother did not have time to ask the girl's forgiveness and now is in her dreams to correct her mistake.

It is far from rare cases when in real lifeMy mother-in-law and daughter-in-law do not get along well. In this case, such a vision promises serious changes in life. And it is possible that they will not be the most pleasant. That's what my deceased mother-in-law dreams about. But! If the deceased did not behave aggressively in a dream, then the problems will not be catastrophic. Everything will be resolved quickly, peacefully and, it can be said, painless. By the way, if the mother of her husband was crying in her sleep, everything will turn out fine. Because such a vision promises joy and a happy personal life. But here to see her laughing - to very big problems.

what does my mother-in-law swear at

Ancient dream book

This book of interpretations also gives a very interestingan explanation of what the deceased mother-in-law dreams about. If she tried to quarrel with her daughter-in-law, then we should expect quarrels and the fact that soon we will have to fight off intrusive personalities. But to see my mother's husband, dressed up in festive clothes - to wealth and profit. If the young lady has seen, as her mother-in-law looks with a condemning gaze, then she needs to know that she considers her daughter-in-law not a very good choice of her blood. Probably, she believes that the daughter-in-law treats her husband badly.

In general, there are many interpretations. And the importance of this or that dream depends not only on the book written in dream books, but also on the circumstances in real life and the feelings of the girl.