Gold is a very interesting and unusual dream. Different sources offer different interpretations of this dream, which do not always sound in a positive way.

Miller Dream Book: Gold

If a person in his dream is holding metal inhands, then in reality it will be incredibly successful in all matters and endeavors. As the dream book says, gold jewelry is made for a woman to see that her husband will be rich, but very self-serving. Find a noble metal - the dignity of the dreamer will allow him to break the road to honors and riches. Lose - due to negligence the dreamer will miss the wonderful opportunity in life. Find a gold vein - a person entrusted with a very complex, but honorable cause. If a dreamer wants to work in a gold mine in a dream, then in reality he will illegally try to appropriate someone else's property or rights. This can lead to gossip about him and shame.

Dream Interpretation

Hasset dream book: gold - interpretation

To dream a precious metal - to falsity andmisconceptions. If a dreamer buys gold, this indicates that he is an empty person. A large amount of noble metal is impending poverty. Get a gift - fake friends.

An ancient French dream book: gold - what does it mean?

To see in a dream a noble metal - tothoughtless extravagant act. Doing gold is a waste of time. Find - to make a profit. Collect - to loss and deceit. Fake gold - a dreamer will gain the truth.

Dream interpretation of gold jewelry

Roma Dream Book

If a man dreams of this noble metal, thenthis shows that he is a very greedy person. To buy is to lose friends because of greed, as the dream book says. Goldfish dreams that if a parting with a loved one happens, then the dreamer will suffer greatly. However, in the end he will meet a man better than the former, with whom he will be happy.

Islamic dream book: gold - what did you dream about?

If a noble metal dreams of a woman, then thisa sign of joy, the disappearance of anxieties and worries. For men, gold in a dream represents grief, loss and adversity. Find or get a precious metal - to the threat of loss of property. To melt - to quarrels because of obscenities. Jeweler - to meet with a fraudster or a deceiver. There is gold - to waste the equivalent of the eaten metal on a woman. If the dreamer sees that his house is made of gold bricks, then in reality a fire can occur in it.

Dream Interpretation Goldfish
Ancient English dream book

This dream has the opposite meaning. To dream a precious metal is misfortune and poverty. Businessmen and adventurers need to be cautious during the game on the stock exchange and the placement of capital, so as not to lose the entire state. You also need to beware of speculation. Seeing in a dream that the second half of a dreamer has a lot of gold - means a disorder in a relationship or an unhappy marriage. Precious metal is often an omen of sorrows, illnesses and unhappy fate.

East dream book

Noble metal is a sign of seduction and deception. It is necessary to pay attention to the proposals that will come in the near future, because they can be fraudulent. Golden rings - for a speedy wedding (not necessarily a dreamer). A ring or a ring with a stone - to the wedding of the person who dreamed a dream.