Holy Matrona Moscow, whose predictions and miracles people remember so far, saved many lives and prophesied many important things. Until now, people turn to her with prayer, asking for help.

The history of miracles in the life of the holy saint MatronaMoscow begins before her birth: her mother, Natalia Nikonova, often dreamed of a white bird without eyes, which, it turned out, foreshadowed the birth of an extraordinary child.

In November 1885 in a small village,located in the Tula region, the Nikon family was born a girl without eyes. The birth of such a child still remains a blow and a serious test for parents, and at that time it was many times more difficult, therefore the parents of Matrona even wanted to give their blind daughter to the orphanage. But from birth Matron was surrounded by signs of God's choice. One of these signs was the cloud of fragrant smoke that appeared above her when she was born. Later, parents found a mark of chosenness on the girl's body: on her chest was a bulge in the form of a cross. When the girl was barely seven years old, she first manifested her prophetic gift. It turned out that she is not only able to see, but also sees that which is inaccessible to most sighted people: instead of ordinary sight, she has a spiritual sight. Matron's predictions were incredible truthfulness.

Discovered at Matrona's gift almost from childhoodmade her the nurse of the family: more and more people learned about her extraordinary talent and turned to her for help, and in gratitude she received from them both products and money. Matrona Moscow, whose predictions really saved people's lives, never demanded any compensation for their help, despite the fact that it was hard work. It was a gratitude, not a mandatory fee. She herself paid a huge price for her divine gift: her legs were taken away from her. Matrona, of course, knew in advance that this would happen, she knew that the woman would walk away from her, who would approach her in one of the temples. But Matrona believed that the cause of the illness was spiritual and took its destiny, because it was pointless to resist God's will.

Marked by God, Matrona gave a lot of peoplethe only hope for healing. She told a lot of prophecies, and Matron Moscow prediction did such that really shook the world. Many of her prophecies were related to the upcoming events that radically changed the history of Russia: the seer predicted the revolution and the Great Patriotic War, although before the attack of the Nazi troops people, of course, did not understand what a terrible enemy from the west was saying Matrona Moskovskaya. Also Matron Moscow prediction made that people lose faith, and therefore life will change for the worse. Matrona also predicted the beginning of perestroika, and the coming to power of Boris Yeltsin.

In Moscow Matrona moved to forty years tosave her loved ones: she had a presentiment of the dangers threatening them. It was in the capital that she served until her death, and people began to call her in a special way: Holy Blessed Starozitsa Matrona Moscow. After moving, she worked for more than thirty years, saving lives and souls of people. During the Second World War, the saintly devotee dedicated days and nights to prayers for Russian soldiers who were at the front. She saved a lot of people in those hard years.

The last prophecy made by MatronaMoscow shortly before her death, is associated with her. She foresaw that she would be forgotten after death, and it would take several decades for people to remember her. Then they will ask her to pray for them. Matrona appealed to them with a request not to be afraid to address her and tell her about the troubles and adversities that are happening, because even when she dies, she will hear everyone who suffers, and that means she can help.

Matrona died in 1952. Some of her predictions are still unsolved mystery. So, for example, Matrona Moscow's prediction made that a certain "war without war" will begin, which will have many victims, and that this cryptic statement means no one yet knows.