Sagittarius - one of the most interesting signs of the zodiac. It combines the features and qualities that can be found in diametrically opposite people. The element that commands them is a fire - warming and destroying, renewing, purifying and incinerating, giving light, but in excess, carrying death.


characteristic of the archer woman
Remember who symbolizes Sagittarius? Mythical essence of the centaur, personifying the natural spontaneity, the violence of instincts, the power of mind and cunning. The legendary centaur Chiron, distinguished by wisdom and kindness, brought up many ancient Greek heroes, noble and brave: Hercules, Jason, Achilles. And he even sacrificed himself, giving his immortality to Prometheus - the hero who gave the people the same divine fire from Olympus, so that they would not perish from the cold and hunger at the whim of Zeus.

As with this excursion into mythology is connectedCharacteristics of Sagittarius-women? Straight! After all, representatives of this sign are distinguished by self-sacrifice, sincere kindness and idealism. Faced with injustice, they, rashly, rush into battle. Surrendering to a sincere impulse, they do not build insidious plans and do not develop long-term tactics with strategy.

Characteristics of Sagittarius-women themes andcorresponds to the fiery element that such a woman flares up like a spark, and fights evil with her bare hands. Do they win? It turns out differently. But if near to such here Jeanne d'Arc there will appear the person careful, prudent, capable to make the step-by-step algorithm of actions, the positive result will be provided.

Characteristics of Sagittarius-woman includes anotherthe most important feature is emotionality. People are open, honest, they are rarely capable of meanness and vindictiveness. But here again their "fieryness" is included: any dispute involving these ladies can result in a major quarrel. In the fuse they are able to talk a lot of superfluous and even, having exhausted the arguments, to throw into the opponent that will turn up on the arm. But just as quickly they depart. Ready to go to the world, not remembering the grievances. The only thing that such signs do not forgive is an obvious betrayal.

By the way, the peace-loving characteristicSagittarius, a woman is manifested in the fact that, for example, leaving her boyfriend or even her husband, she is able to maintain a friendly relationship with him, can sincerely rejoice at his successes and even calmly communicate with his new passion. Such ladies are disinterested, cordial, somewhat voracious, but really artlessly kind. They empathize with someone else's grief, they hate violence, blood, humiliation, and everything that can bring pain and suffering into life.

And, finally, the characteristics of Sagittarius-womenincludes such a trait as love of animals. These ladies - inveterate dogs and koshatnitsy, they are attached to any living creature, whether it's a hamster or a canary. But dogs like most, especially large ones. And those, by the way, pay them a return!

Love and passion

Sagittarius woman characteristic

Sagittarius is a woman, whose characteristic weconsidered, this creature is extremely temperamental. She is capable of loving one man for decades, at the same time being carried away by a dozen others. True, only platonic. And the one who is really dear to her, becomes a standard, and on it she equals all other acquaintances of the opposite sex. Such a woman likes sex, and she does not see anything reprehensible in emancipation. Emotional sensations are closely related to physical sensations. And she experiences the highest pleasure precisely in harmony of body and spirit. Even these ladies are faithful and loyal, they do not cheat. And jealous. But if they respect the partner and love him, they trust him completely. True, require a lot of attention.

Spiritual development

What else is interesting Sagittarius (characteristic of the sign)a woman, so it is a thirst for active mental and spiritual activity. These people are interested in everything new, unusual, whether it's spiritual teaching or software for the computer. They are active travelers, easy to climb. They want to know about other worlds and planets, to master esoteric skills and foreign languages. Female Sagittarians are well versed in art, often write good poetry and pictures, and compose melodious music. They like everything that carries beauty, romance, joy of being. These are extremely positive and cheerful people, charging all around with their optimism and joy.

Sagittarius character characteristic woman

Of course, this characteristic is notexhaustive. After all, each person - as a distant unknown star, flickering through space, mysterious and inconceivable. But we know something about each other thanks to astrology.