Among the monumental temple buildings erectedduring the last decades, one of the most vivid and impressive is the Transfiguration Cathedral (Togliatti). The schedule of the divine services held in it, irrefutably testifies that he has fully joined the religious life of the region. It is understandable how great is the significance of this new focus of Orthodoxy for the spiritual revival of a country that has been so long in a state of atheistic obscurantism and unbelief.

Savior Transfiguration Cathedral (Togliatti)

A city devoid of God's temple

The decision on its construction was made indifficult for Russia days of August 1991, when the country in practice proved its determination to make a historic step from totalitarianism to democracy. In this regard, the Transfiguration Cathedral (Togliatti) has become a kind of symbol of the return to those spiritual sources, from which Russia drew strength throughout its history.

The need for its erection was determined by the maina complete absence of existing churches in the city, while there were many believers, and with the onset of perestroika, most of them wished to regularly participate in general worship services. For several years, in the absence of a temple, such services were conducted in the usual apartment of a multi-storey building, where one of the most active members of the community lived. Thus, the future Savior-Transfiguration Cathedral (Togliatti) was vital to the city.

The first steps towards the creation of a spiritual center

Already in 1991 at a meeting of the city councilit was decided not only to erect only one temple building, but to expand the construction of a whole complex of structures. It was planned to create two temples, one of which was to be the main one, accommodating not less than three thousand people, and the second - of a smaller size, intended mainly for the performance of the sacrament of baptism. In addition, the developed and approved plan included a dwelling for the clergy and a belfry.

Savior Transfiguration Cathedral (Togliatti) schedule of services

Originally a playground for constructionThe temple complex was chosen on the picturesque bank of the Volga. It was ideal from an aesthetic point of view, but extremely inconvenient for future parishioners because of its remoteness from the main residential areas of the city. In this regard, it was abandoned and outlined another place, which was among the blocks of urban high-rise buildings.

New temples built in the Volga city

Having completed the following year allaccompanying such undertakings formalities, began work on erecting a baptismal temple. Given his future appointment, it was originally intended to consecrate his throne in honor of John the Baptist, who performed this holy ordinance in the waters of the Jordan River.

The Savior-Transfiguration Cathedral (Togliatti) beganerected in 1996, even before the construction of the baptismal temple. As mentioned above, it was intended as the main building, capable of hosting a large number of people during the services. This determined its very impressive size. After completion of works in 2002, the cross of its main dome ascended sixty-two meters, and the total building area was almost three thousand square meters.

Savior Transfiguration Cathedral (Togliatti) schedule of services

The plant is the sponsor of the construction

Of course, works of this magnitude were notforce neither the city budget, nor especially the parish community. However, the necessary funds were found. The main sponsor of the construction, or, as they used to say in the old days, a donator for the temple, was the famous automobile plant in the city. It was with his help that it was possible to solve most financial problems.

A unique temple structure

Savior Transfiguration Cathedral (Togliatti), addresswhich: st. Revolutionary, 19, became the second of the buildings of the previously planned complex. In addition to it, a building was built, intended for the clergy. It also houses a library, a choral studio and a Sunday school. At present, only the final part of the project is to be realized - to build a bell tower. All technical and legal documentation is ready, and soon the work is expected.

Savior Transfiguration Cathedral (Togliatti)

Savior Transfiguration Cathedral (Togliatti)is a unique work of modern temple architecture. Dedicated to one of the most important evangelical events - the Transfiguration of Jesus Christ, he symbolizes with his power and greatness the steadfastness of the Christian faith and the spiritual strength of the people who created him.

The temple is made in the Old Russian style, in a basiswhich is laid five-headed. The main dome and the four corners are made of stainless steel, imitating gold. The same technology was used in the manufacture of crosses. The sight and rich decorative design of the building facades are striking. Corresponds to it and interior decoration of premises. The floor inside the cathedral is lined with mosaic, for the manufacture of which twelve varieties of marble went. Particular attention is drawn to the iconostasis, reaching a height of fifteen meters.

The main spiritual center of the city

Today there are twelve temples in the city, fromwhich takes the leading place of the Transfiguration Cathedral (Togliatti). The schedule of the services in it is very tight, since it fully accommodates all the services prescribed by the Church Charter. Beginning at 7:50, and in some cases at 7:15, they cover the whole day cycle, ending at 17:00 with evening worship. Exceptions are only festive and Sunday days, when evening services start an hour earlier.

Savior Transfiguration Cathedral (Togliatti) address

But, apart from purely religious activity,it should be noted and a wide educational and enlightenment work, the center of which is the Transfiguration Cathedral (Togliatti). The schedule of classes held in its classrooms serves as an indisputable testimony. In addition to the Sunday school, designed primarily for school-age children, catechetical lessons are regularly conducted for those who wish to undergo a baptismal rite and become a full member of the church community.