Capricorn is the sign of the Earth. This constellation is under the auspices of Saturn. This explains the stubbornness, stamina and stamina of Capricorns. Step by step, the people born under this sign go to the intended goal and ultimately achieve their goal. More details about the nature of Capricorn, let's talk in our article.

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General characteristic of the sign

Capricorns are rather reserved and self-assured. Such people will never impress with appearance. Very rarely they discuss their positive qualities, considering it to be above their own dignity. Thanks to this, they make a special impression on others.

The character of Capricorn pushes all the representativesthis sign to the aspiration to ascend to the very top. This applies to both the spiritual and the life component. Most Capricorns are a rock that resists difficult situations.

As a rule, it is Capricorns who know how to becold-hearted and heartless. Therefore, born under this sign - future businessmen, officials and politicians who have the ability to conclude any transaction that brings benefits.

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The main features of most Capricorns -modesty, moderation, lack of imagination, poise, economy. Such people do not follow fashion and prefer to dress as they like. Born under this sign like to look correct, rather than interesting.

Male Capricorn. Character

The character of Capricorn men is stubborn. The mind is quite developed. Representatives of the strong half of humanity, born under the sign of Capricorn, the most enduring and stable people - both morally and physically.

Hidden and ambitious inside, they live onlyreality. Capricorn (description of character in our article) is very industrious. Success draws him with terrible force. Step by step, very slowly, but swiftly, he conquers his goal, overcoming every obstacle with diligence, perseverance and unthinkable patience. Nothing and no one can prevent Capricorn from following the planned path.

Even in his childhood, he sets a goal andindependently tries to strive for its implementation. The same goes for work. The character of Capricorns makes it necessary to analyze every detail, to make plans, to put things in order in thoughts, so that later they do not return to trifles. This worker is valued in every field. He is an excellent industrialist and a talented statesman.

Capricorn description of character

Capricorn is a man. Character in communication

Those born under this sign are surrounded by love andrespect, but it's very difficult to get close to them. Capricorns are sufficiently closed and not ready to be frank. Such people are respectable and stable. Never a decision will not be taken without first thinking about every little thing. He does not have the risk and impulsiveness.

Often born under this sign are shy and sensitive, but try to hide it carefully. Their pride sometimes becomes an obstacle to communication and the cause of suffering.

nature of the snake of Capricorn

Separately it is necessary to talk about what the nature ofSnake-Capricorn. Such a nature is quite contradictory, so most of the features inherent in Capricorn, sharply disappear under the influence of this creeping animal. Such people perfectly analyze the information, have good intuition, often first think, and then do. Snake Capricorns are eloquent and creatively developed. They are very sexy and charming, although they rarely use these qualities.

Horoscope: Capricorn. Character of Capricorn Woman

The smell and beauty of these women is neverwill dry up. At the age of 35 they like men more than 20. But taking care of such a girl is not easy enough. She always builds a high wall between herself and her fans.

Born under the sign of Capricorn, women appreciate their independence. They are the result of stunning directors, managers, administrators and teachers.

The main character traits of Capricorn women

Their main qualities are practicality, rigor andindependence. Such women, however, like the Capricorn men, slowly but surely follow their goal. They build a foundation for a long time, and then they collect everything according to the brick.

Capricorn women do not pay attention to prices,they buy everything they like. In the eyes of others, representatives of this sign seem to be weak rivals who do not show initiative and submit to various unfavorable circumstances. But this is not so - these women prefer to silently strive for their goal, not showing anyone their true aspirations and zadumok.

Character of a baby Capricorn

Character of the child-Capricorn

Negative qualities of children born under the sign of Capricorn - limitations, boredom, inflexibility, suspiciousness, jealousy, melancholy and a tendency to loneliness.

The child is very shy and shy, in particular,when there are adult unfamiliar people. It's very interesting to watch these babies. They slowly and with all seriousness independently master the external world. Capricorn children are very similar to small adults, because, despite their age, they take life seriously. They are difficult enough to make laugh. Such babies are always tense and rarely relax, so the main task of parents is the ability to create for them a warm and comfortable environment.

With a Capricorn child, you should laugh more often, tell him fairy tales and fantastic stories so that he learns to fantasize a little.

These children are very fond of loneliness. They are loud and crowded. Therefore, do not force the child to go to visit, if you do not have desire.

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Do not also be afraid that the baby is due tohis love of loneliness is not so developed. Such children move on in life very slowly, with small steps, gradually peering and studying the world around them.

Parents will never have problems withdiscipline, because Capricorn children are very responsible. They like to be talked to as adults. Parents should often take their children to various exhibitions and museums. This will give the Capricorn baby an unearthly pleasure. Get close to him, so that in adolescence there are no serious problems with education.

Compatibility Capricorn with other signs

Capricorn, a character whose compatibility is discussed in our article, get along pretty well with Aries, Libra and Cancers. A favorable union will be with the Virgins, Scorpios, Taurus and Pisces.

With the Taurus, Capricorn will have mutual understanding and great love. With Gemini, it's better not to build a relationship at all. Friendship is possible only with Leo. This tandem is not suitable for love and marriage.

With Aquarius there will be no happy and strong marriage. The same applies to Streltsov.