Attempts to explain to myself what this dream is about orevery dream was probably done by every person, even once in life. Dreams are important for existence no less than the events that happen to us in reality, and you need to treat them carefully and sensitively. Even if you lost shoes in a dream, this can be both a warning and an indication of the direction you need. And life can change abruptly, and not always in a good way, for someone who has disregarded hints.

in a dream, lost his shoes

Fundamental approaches of interpretation

If you want to accurately and without error understand thatthen lose your shoes in a dream, try to remember all the circumstances that accompanied you: who was looking for you with you, what color, type and condition it was, what did you experience. Remember that the smallest unaccounted detail is able to unfold the meaning of the message by 180 degrees, and you will move completely in the wrong direction, where you are being directed.

Any loss in a dream inevitably means loss in reality. But what exactly they touch, suggest the same indirect signs.

First of all, the type of shoes. If a dreamer in a dream lost his shoes, so to speak, the official appointment, that is, shoes, then some changes, and most likely not very encouraging, are waiting in the direction of his work. And if the shoes had a heel, the troubles will affect the position: the loss of a sign of high position speaks of a decrease in rank.

White shoes are interpreted as a wedding accessory. Accordingly, if their loss is seen (especially to an unmarried woman), the marriage plans are under threat.

Green shoes are a symbol of well-being, and their loss can be interpreted as a financial blow, with long-playing plans and investments.

to lose shoes in a dream

Important: who is the boss?

Most often a person sees that he is in a dreamlost his own shoes. If the shoes were not yours, try to remember whose they are. In a dream it is usually impossible to determine anything exactly, but the dreamer intuitively feels the relationship. If you lost a loved one's shoes, this may be a signal that you will soon fail him, and, most likely, because of your weaknesses or negligence.

If in dreams you "sowed" the shoes of a stranger, then you too listen to other people's opinions, which affects the quality of your life and relationships with others.

It happens that you had to lose shoes in a dream andlook for her, and see someone else. If you remember the face of this person, you will know for sure who sits you at work or who wants to take your place in the family.

lose shoes in a dream and look for her

How was it

The background of a lost pair is also very important. If the shoes are pressed or rubbed - in your real life there are people whose society is bothering you. The loss of such shoes can be considered a favorable sign: soon there will be an opportunity to separate from them.

If the shoes were large and beforelost, several times dropped off from you, so you can not do the task for which you undertook. Think about your recent endeavors and realize how they are doable.

sleep loose shoes and not find

Ways of loss

Loss is a too general concept. It is necessary to remember the circumstances of how exactly the loss occurred. All cases can be reduced to three positions.

  1. You yourself took off your shoes, like they put it next door, andcan not find. Such a dream indicates that in your life there are circumstances that you would like to get rid of. Think about what in reality prevents you from living happier.
  2. Your shoes are stolen. Theft proves that someone wants to break your plans. However, this may not be the enemy. Thus, a close person tries to steer you along the right path, if he thinks that you have lost his way. If you know a thief, consider both probabilities.
  3. Shoes with you slipped unnoticed, while youwent somewhere. Where exactly, you do not remember, just suddenly discovered that you go barefoot. Such a dream is interpreted as an early loss. Usually it comes down to a quarrel, a rupture or even death of the closest person.

When you should not be afraid

A very good sign is the lost, but still found pair: this indicates that everything will be normal in your life, and the quarrel will not be long.

Whichever way you lose yourshoes, a benevolent symbol is something that is left of it on your feet: laces, socks, sometimes even soles. Vision suggests that a person who has lost shoes in a dream, will largely compensate his damage elsewhere, and soon. If the pair found was lost long ago and was caught instead of lost recently, you should rethink some events in your life. Which ones are prompted by side details - for example, a friend who was looking for shoes with you, or the place where they were found. This is a rather complicated transcription, because for her you need to know all the details of the dreamer's life.

what is it that dreams of losing shoes in a dream

Sleep: lose shoes and not find it - possible interpretations

Most dream interpretations fail to findblack tones. However, the explanation can not be so unambiguous. If a person in a dream has lost shoes that he was cramped or uncomfortable, while not experiencing any grief and searching not too aggressively, it is possible that he will have to change with certain losses. However, they will lead to getting rid of unpleasant life circumstances.

Another positive variant of the interpretation of thethat dreams to lose shoes in a dream and to find it without results: in the end you are in front of a shop window. Or just before dialing different pairs of new shoes. This may indicate that you have ceased to arrange the previous path of development. Subconsciously you have already refused it, but in reality you cling to the usual course of things. The dream shows that you have a mass of more favorable ways.