Aries and Libra - a combination of elements of Fire and Air. These signs are opposite in character, behavior and vital values. And, nevertheless, the Aries' union with Libra is very common, especially in the combination of a man-Aries and a woman-Libra. Why is this happening, and are Aries and Libra compatible in everyday life?

Aries and Libra: compatibility in communication

The relations of these opposites aresurprisingly harmonious. The secret is in the ability to complement and compensate each other. The fiery temperament of Aries admirably conceals the coolness of Libra, and they, in turn, know how to cool down in time and channel the explosive energy of a partner in the right direction.

Let their points of view be opposite, butthese signs operate in one direction, in one direction. Where the weaknesses of one begin, the strengths of the other are included - without violence or the desire to remake the partner for themselves.

Aries and Libra: compatibility in love

This is the harmony of yin and yang energies. Aries persistently goes forward, achieves its goals in the fight, and when the time comes for a halt, then Libra comes forward, providing its partner with comfort and comfort.

In sex, they behave naturally and openly. Let there be no special sexual fantasies in this union, as in the case of Scorpio or Pisces, but the strong spiritual and emotional basis of the relationship will not let the physical attraction fade away for many years.

Aries and Libra: Compatibility in the Family and Life

The leader in the family will be Aries, and Libra will providereliable and comfortable rear for your partner. Relations are formed on the basis of partnership, here everyone can reveal his strengths and compensate for the weak. Aries at the same time will learn from Libra the art of compromise and harmony, and Libra will try to adopt persistence and perseverance.

Relationships in this pair are constantly transformed: love turns into friendship, friendship into partnership, partnership - into a physical attraction, and so on in a circle. Therefore, Aries and Libra are not bored by communication, and over the years they reveal a new depth of their love.

Aries and Libra: compatibility of men and women

The most harmoniously developed relationships in a pairthe man-Aries is a woman-Libra. For those around, such a marriage looks just perfect, because the Real Knight and the Gentle Princess met. They sincerely admire each other, accepting their partner with all weaknesses and shortcomings. He likes her deep feminine wisdom and ability to look at the situation from various angles, and she likes his energy, optimism and reluctance to stand still. She will never go against his man's will ahead of time, and if she does not agree in some way, she will be able to persuade imperceptibly, without affecting his self-esteem.

The Aries man and the Libra woman are always interesting to each otherfriend, they feel a good partner, they know how to empathize and feel compassion. If Aries does not forget that you need to listen to your partner, and do not overdo it with your authority, then their relationship will develop harmoniously and happily.

But in a couple of Aries-a woman and a Libra-male problemmay appear due to the distribution of traditional roles in the family. Aries is naturally inclined to dominate, but the Libra man has his views on an ideal relationship. He will want to maintain his independence, which will be understood by the partner, but support is not always there. They like to communicate and get to know each other, physical attraction is very powerful. But in this alliance, the partners will have to learn a lot and try to adapt themselves to each other. If the woman-Aries does not rude to her partner, and he learns to forgive her impulsiveness, then the relationship will only get stronger. What exactly will not be in their life together is boredom. They can quarrel, put up, explore and make discoveries, burn, cool down, fall in love again and again, but they will not be bored or moped in the presence of a partner.

Aries and Libra will abandon some of their principles and make compromises, but their relationship is worth it. After a while, they themselves will not understand how they turned into a single and unbreakable whole.