Most people wonder how long it takesfull moon and how it affects a person. Scientists have proved that all the lunar phases: growing, new moon, decreasing - last about seven days. Including the full moon. It is considered the middle of the lunar month. This is the period when we observe a round, cold-filled balloon in the sky.

how long is the full moon

Full moon and emotions

It is at this time that it is important to find the rightthe application of their energy, otherwise everything can result in unexpected aggression and scandal. By the way, medical statistics show that it is in this phase of the moon that the number of road accidents increases. Maybe this is due to the fact that many people at this time there is insomnia? For one person this is a problem, and he worries, asking the question: "How many nights does the full moon last?". The other is even glad that you do not want to sleep, because at this time you can create, without being distracted by other matters.

By the way, the burst of energy and the flowering of fantasy are observedat the specified time with artists, musicians and writers. Why does this happen? Researchers believe that in the full moon, the emotional background of a person changes - the level of his perception and ways of assessing what is happening. The pathological conditions at this time, as a rule, are also exacerbated.

You can immediately answer how long the time lastsfull moon. Usually it takes one week. In this phase, man is full of strength and energy. His active activity is at the peak, which must be fruitfully used.

How to behave?

how long the full moon lasts

The full moon strengthens all the positive and negative sides of the personality. All its borderline states are aggravated. How to take advantage of this lunar phase, bypassing its negative impact?

It is worth remembering that the full moon is a time of greatachievements! Therefore, if a new business is to be made with the prospect for a long future, then it is necessary to exercise activity as long as the full moon lasts.

This is especially true in those areas that are associated withoratory. It is believed that in this lunar period it will be possible to attract the largest number of people to its side. With due success, there will be presentations, conferences and similar events. Especially when it comes to innovations, discoveries, demonstrations of new models of cars, phones or computers.

If we talk about working on the Internet, then the full moonan excellent assistant for those who are engaged in the development of sites, writing texts or processing photos in Photoshop. In a word, creative people will benefit if they show enthusiasm with a full moon.

And at this time there is a perfect newa look at familiar things. For example, if the artist for a long time can not find a detail to his painting, then the hand itself will apply the required smear on the canvas. Also, writers can finish the once-started book, and the musicians can compose a new song. Conclusion: moonlight is intertwined in any creative aspect and contributes to sudden enlightenment.

Full Moon and the Environment

how many hours does the full moon last

Some amateur gardeners are compulsorywatch the lunar calendar. Skeptics ironically laugh at them, but astrologers approve of this behavior. After all, it is not recommended to transplant, cut and plant plants in the full moon, otherwise it can be unpleasantly surprised that the bush has wilted or become inferior. It is better to look at the calendar, how long the full moon lasts, and wait out an unfavorable period.

But the collection of medicinal herbs at this time,on the contrary, it is welcomed. All the healing power, which is accumulated in the leaves and inflorescences of plants, reaches the highest concentration, so their use in various diseases will be most effective. Exceptions to the general rule are mandrake and ginseng. It is better not to touch them, since with the full moon the power of these plants is diminishing.

From the heart you can rejoice at the fishermen. After all, under the influence of the night light, the fish seems to be nailing to the shore. And if you feed it before - there will be just an excellent catch!

Love, witchcraft and money

When the prankster Luna looks boldly into the windowto his beloved, then provokes them to the most extravagant experiments. By the way, the conception of children on the full moon is more intense than at other times. Astrologers say that the night planet often rewards newborns with the gift of clairvoyance.

Finally, in this lunar phase they perfectly passvarious fortune-telling, spiritualism sensibilities and other magical rites. It is believed that during the full moon period the line between the real and the other world is thinning and mystical information is easier to penetrate into our world. Just be careful and take all security measures, otherwise guests from the parallel world can stay with the fortune-teller. To practice magical rites can be as long as the full moon lasts.

how many nights does the full moon last

If we talk about material goods, thenthe described cycle is a great time for getting rid of money and attracting material luck. But at the same time it is not recommended to give money in debt - the return can be a while. It's another matter - if someone needs material help, then one should help a person. However, it must be done sincerely. Such a charity is necessarily reckoned, and Mother Luna will give a generous person other money opportunities - more promising.

Full moon and sleep

Who is not familiar with the situation when looking out the windowthe moon is the cause of insomnia? If you are from among such people, then, therefore, are subject to the influence of the night luminary. Is it really necessary to suffer because of lack of sleep as long as the full moon lasts? Experts reassure: there is a way out!

  1. Before the full moon is recommended to limit the use of liquid and fatty foods.
  2. You should avoid watching TV with disturbing news.
  3. You need to buy a tight (preferably black) curtain and close the windows in the bedroom.

Now you can indulge in dreams and not think about how many hours the full moon lasts and how to sleep in this period.

In the article, we covered only part of the informationabout the night guest. The moon will always excite the minds of people by guessing not only about how long the full moon lasts and whether it is worth to be afraid of this phase. It is important what role it will play in a person's life. Will he show his dark side of character or make a discovery useful to society.