Sagittarius and Aquarius attract each other andphysically, and spiritually. They can become wonderful friends, ardent lovers or partners. Aquarius is very fond of the friendliness, sincerity and kindness of Sagittarius. Sagittarius attracts in Aquarius its eccentricity, sharp mind and vivid imagination. They both are unaccustomed to the desire to manage their partner and be jealous of him. They are always ready to help, to find a solution to any problem, to share the sorrow and joy of their chosen one.

Sagittarius and Aquarius
Compatibility signs Aquarius and Sagittarius says that the alliance between these partners is likely to satisfy both of them and have a good chance.

Aquarius (like Sagittarius) strives for novelty andchanges in the place of residence, but in Aquarius this desire is expressed more clearly. Partners have similar thoughts, lead an almost identical lifestyle, but the greatest compatibility lies in their physical attraction, which is so great that only after reuniting, they feel relieved.

Sagittarius and Aquarius adore adventure. They are both freedom-loving, mobile, tolerant people. Partners are unable to sit on the spot, and feeling interested in someone, are moving towards it towards inertia.

Marriage of Aquarius and Sagittarius
In their lives there are many complexities, hidden motives andsecret desires. If Sagittarius achieves success, Aquarius becomes more and more difficult to be in such relationships. The success of his partner demands from him the greatest internal changes, and his victories provoke some kind of rejection in Sagittarius.

Contradictions in the relations of these partnersappear when it comes to the issue of making money and spending it. Sagittarius sometimes is too mercantile, and its mercantile spirit is very difficult to perceive a partner.

Sagittarius and Aquarius - two like-minded people,whose cohesion lies in common values ​​and ideas. They are both not afraid of any difficulties and obstacles and are the rulers of their destiny. Partners are inferior to each other, appreciate their freedom and freedom of choice.

Compatibility signs Aquarius and Sagittarius
The union of these signs is able to attract attentionsurrounding. Their relationship is a true volcano of love. It happens that they can provoke each other, while maintaining an optimistic mood. In general, their relationship can be called friendly. They are both very friendly to others, like to go out of town, go to parties, adore noisy feasts.

The peculiarity of Sagittarius is that it is veryidealistic, sensual and romantic, although such manifestations of his can run into the cynicism of Aquarius. The Sagittarius and Aquarius should remain calm, calm and calm at any coincidence. Only then can they be happy together.
The love between these signs is a true magic, alien to monotony and everyday life. Their lives are full of events and very interesting. For the sake of their chosen partner, both partners are ready for the most courageous actions.

The marriage of Aquarius and Sagittarius will be long-term if Aquarius, more inclined to compromise, will keep it in balance.