From time immemorial, precious mineralsaccompanied the person. Gems have always fascinated, evoked the desire to possess them. Especially strong this pull in the representatives of the weak half of humanity, who considered shining stones as the best of the possible ornaments. Success and now enjoy many minerals, not only precious and semiprecious, but also ornamental. Among such - a stone jasper, since ancient times known to people under a variety of names: "jasper" - from the Greeks, "yashp" - from the Persians, "speckled stone" - from the Rusics. Talking about meat agate, tiger stone, German lapis and prazeme, also meant a jasper stone.

jasper stone
This gem is formed by sedimentary mountainrocks that have a fine-grained structure. The basis of jasper is quartz and chalcedony, and the presence of other minerals in smaller quantities determines the final color of the mineral. Instead of chalcedony, clay and sometimes siliceous cement may act as a spike for the grains of quartz. After processing and polishing, the products from this opaque stone turn out to be glossy and have almost a mirror shine. As an ornamental material is very popular jasper - stone, the properties and parameters of which are valued by the masters of stone decoration and jewelers. It has sufficient hardness and density, is resistant to abrasion, therefore it is durable and durable.

There are no other semi-precious stones that would have beenare as varied in color and range of combined shades as a jasper stone (the photos presented here can not convey all the color splendor). Very much appreciated landscape jasper, patterns on which resemble pictures of nature. Among the colors of these gems (monochromatic, spotted, banded, ribbon), the most colorful are the variegated specimens.

jasper stone properties

The natural stone of jasper is extracted indeposits around the world. But the Russian Mountain Altai, the North Caucasus and the Urals give the best quality jasper. Long since the mineral was used in the manufacture of vases, mosaics, palace ornaments. Now, it is more often used for souvenirs and as an element of jewelry.

Curious properties possessed a jasper stone, withpoint of view of magicians and ancient physicians. It was often used in magical rites. He served as a material for making amulets and amulets that protect from envy, giving harmony in the house. There is a belief that jasper stones of dark color are older and stronger. Contemporary esotericists consider this gem to be a daring stone, strengthening the spirit, giving wisdom and bringing it closer to victory. It is a kind of energy donor for the owner.

stone jasper photo

Among the supporters of the use of jasper as aThe medicines were Avicenna and Hippocrates. They believed that it would help the owner to prevent fever, cure epilepsy, eye disease, kidney, bladder, even protect against the effects of poisons. Jashme blood-red color was attributed to the ability to stop bleeding.

Like any strong talisman, jasper does not fitto each. It is believed that the maximum benefit it will bring to those born under the constellations of Pisces and Virgo. Sagittarius and Taurus can also be under her protection. But to refrain from wearing jasper ornaments is better than Gemini and Aries.