Travel, which is carried out in the astral,is to move your consciousness into subtle worlds that exist either parallel to the material space or temporary. There are three types of displacement, during which the astral body of a person leaves his physical shell - this is a conscious astral (or lucid dreams - OS), an unconscious astral and a dream.

It is clear that in order to intentionally get intothe astral plane, one must learn. Unintentional or unintended exits to other worlds most often become a surprise for a person, or he simply does not have time to understand what happened to him. Sleep is a special form of astral displacement, and in order to become the master of one's dreams, one must practice in this matter.

The Astral Body

So, for consciously moving into more subtlematerial levels must be carefully prepared. In order for the astral body to properly separate from the physical, and with this negative consequences this experience did not bring, it is important to choose a qualified and professional mentor, who himself repeatedly used similar techniques. But in any case, before the beginning of such travels you need to prepare your spiritual world. This is in meditation, a balanced diet, as well as in the whole list of norms and rules, which you can familiarize with at the amateur paranormal forum.

Unconsciously let go of your astral body ina subtle peace can every person. It is believed that such moments can occur when an individual needs support, advice, or simply in rest. Only a person with a bright soul, a person who believes in another mind, can escape into the astral travel in a nondifferent way. Although there are cases when the astral "fail" and people who were very skeptical about esotericism.

The astral body of man

In the dream, the astral body is also separated frommaterial, and in any case makes a journey. There is a hypothesis that sleep is a world without time. Dreams of a person can give him an answer to a question or a problem that arose in the past, but can tell him about future events. Any dream that is "broadcast" in the human subconscious has its place in real life, it is important only to listen properly to yourself and intelligently decipher the message of your second "I".

It is worth remembering that deliberately going tothin worlds can only be in a good mood. In no case should you leave your earthly body under the influence of drugs, as well as in "dead-end" situations, when irritation and bitterness take precedence over behavior. In such cases, the astral body can behave in the most unexpected way, which will lead to undesirable consequences.

Astral travel

Most often experienced esotericists let go of their ownthe astral body into a parallel world for self-improvement, self-knowledge and spiritual development. Travel to the astral from the point of view of the amateurs is to find answers to material, terrestrial questions. However, for whatever purpose a person moves in time and space, he must adhere to the rules and not violate the earthly and heavenly laws.