Many people from time to time remember the uncleanstrength, without thinking about who the devils are. These creatures appear in winged expressions, become heroes of sayings and even fairy tales. Their origin is shrouded in mystery, generates numerous assumptions and legends. "Devils" come to the rescue when a person wants to release negative emotions, swear. Where did these mythical creatures come from and what about them?

Who are the devils: the origin

There are many legends attributing differentthe origin of beings who are associated with the evil itself. Who are devils, if you rely on the most popular version in the people? Once these creatures were heavenly angels who served good. But they refused to obey God, which was the reason for their expulsion from paradise.

who are the devils

There are also proposed "wet" theories that respond tothe question of who are devils. For example, many ancient Slavs did not doubt that evil spirits appear when the Devil wets his hands and shakes the water. Another version presupposes the birth of evil spirits from the spittle of God.

Finally, the third popular legend hasown explanation of who the devils are. She ascribes the creation of mythical devils to Satan, the fallen angel, who needed a loyal army to fight the servants of light. And as the basis for their subordinates, the Devil used kids walking around paradise gardens and deer, combining these charming little animals together.

When they appeared

Researchers are not able to come to a singlethe opinion of when these soldiers of hell appeared. Most theories suggest that they arose long before the creation of the world, thrown from heaven by the hand of God. In favor of this version speaks and lameness, which, according to the Slavs, have the fallen angels. At the time of the fall, the legs of evil beings were broken.

who is the devil

There is another legend related to timeorigin of devils. They hid the clay from the cheeks, from which God planned to create the world, but the theft was opened. The devils were forced to spit out "building material," which led to the appearance of mountains and lakes. The punishment that they suffered was exile.


Hierarchy is a phenomenon that is not presentonly in human society. Legendary beings also believe in the necessity of order, strictly fulfill the duties attributed to them. Historians can argue endlessly about who the hell is. But they are unanimous in the question of who is subject to the ruthless spirits that violate human peace. Of course, Satan.

who are the devils of the Slavs

The devil commands his faithful servants,distributing responsibilities between them. It is interesting that the assistants are divided into two groups. The greatest honor is "dashing" devils. They spend most of their life in the underworld. It is the "dashing" representatives of the forces of evil that should be feared by those who commit sins during their lifetime, as they will mock them in the infernal abyss.

There are also ordinary devils walking along thethe earth. Their task is to drive mankind mad, forcing him to give up his righteous life and sin. Periodically, such creatures go on holiday to hell, they descend into the abyss and the new orders of the Devil.

How do they look

The question of who the hell is notthe only one of interest. Entertaining and description of appearance, which he possesses. Obviously, the idea of ​​the appearance of rebellious spirits is very vague. Researchers in the 19th century tried to understand how representatives of the people see these terrible creatures.

who are the devils and how they look like

In most cases, the followers of Satanis attributed to a small increase. Like people, they have two legs and two hands. The whole body of these creatures is covered with thick wool, which has a crumpled and impure appearance, a color close to a brown or black hue. Unusually and the person they have. It traces the features of several animals, for example, a pig, a goat.

Characteristic features

When historians tried to find out who the helland how they look, asking the population of the country, descriptions of the appearance of the terrible creatures they were offered different. However, there are characteristic features that are almost always attributed to these creatures. Begin the enumeration of these can be from the teeth, which differ in unusual length and yellowness.

who are devils and demons

Interesting eyes that representatives havethe hellish army. People believe that they are shining with a frightening fire. The flame can acquire an orange or yellow color, but most often appears blood-red. Of course, devils have an evil look and look at humanity with hatred.

Horns located on the head, it is also impossiblementioned among the characteristic features. Some people are convinced that these growths are small, others describe them as huge, branched. Of course, the devil has hoofs and a long tail. Unusually, and the idea of ​​a voice that seems repulsive, creaky.


Having dealt with who is such a devil in mythology,the researchers tried to clearly imagine his tasks. Obviously, the "dashing" representatives of the evil forces are mainly engaged in the invention of new bullying of those who after death are tormented by hell hell. But on what are their "earthly" brethren specializing?

who are devils devils photos

The answer to this question will help understanding,who are the devils of the Slavs. These are tormentors, whose main task is to destroy all that is good in man. They are accused of all the misfortunes that people experience. The supernatural possibilities that mythical creatures possess allow them to incline their victims even to murder or suicide. It is the followers of Satan who control a person when he decides to steal, violence.

Realizing who the devils are, the pictures of whichcan be looked at above, it is necessary to understand the weapons that they are endowed with. Gambling, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs - all these are tools that allow the evil spirit to destroy humanity in large numbers.

Where do the devils live

Of course, meeting with a ruthless spirit onFor several centuries, it maintained the status of one of the main fears of mankind. Places where you can face the devil are known. These creatures like to choose abandoned houses, baths, mills. Dusty attics also from time immemorial attracted them, as well as the space behind the stove, the underground. But the devil can appear in an apartment building only when its owners are sinking into family conflicts, are indifferent to cleaning.

Much more devils attract nature. They can be found in impenetrable forest thickets, in swamps. By the way, one of the popular legends says that it was in the marsh ligature of the fallen angels that God plunged, punishing for the uprising.

Devils, demons, angels

Slavic mythology is full of amazingcreatures that are difficult to understand. Who are devils and demons, is there a difference between them? One version suggests that these two words are synonymous, describing the same hellish creatures. Another theory insists that demons are other beings different from devils by appearance and possibilities.

If we adhere to the second version, then the devils haveThe appearance of the devils is attached wings, from them smells of stench. These creatures are able to control weather phenomena, for example, cause a thunderstorm. They can organize a sea of ​​livestock. Also among their abilities are listed such talents as instilling in the human body, changing their appearance.

who is the devil in mythology

The answer to the question of who are devils, demons(the photo above shows how the imagination of hell may be in the imagination of hell), most often it sounds the same: the fallen angels expelled by God. There is also a legend claiming that in addition to a personal angel, a representative of evil spirits is attached to the person at birth. The cherub and the demon are constantly fighting with each other. Depending on which side will win, the child becomes good or bad, reaching adulthood.

How to protect yourself from the devil

Nowadays, people easily pronounce the names of evilspirits, which was uncharacteristic for their distant ancestors. The ancient Slavs believed that when they say the word "devil", they call him. Speaking of representatives of evil spirits, a man tried to use a nickname, not a real name. It was from here that such definitions as "evil" and "unclean" appeared. There were at the devil nicknames, which may even seem affectionate, for example, "unkind".

Silence was not the only instrumentprotection that our ancestors used. It was hardly possible in the past to find a house in which there would not be a guard protecting from the creatures of hell. Most often, the objects to which magical power was attributed were irrigated with holy water. Also Slavs used herbs, which in their imagination were endowed with magical powers. For example, such properties were attributed to wormwood, St. John's Wort.

Of course, there were also brave souls who made attempts not to defend themselves from the servants of Satan, but to call them. To this end, various magical rituals were used, and offerings were made to evil spirits.

This is the most interesting information, known about the features.