They say that forecasts are ungrateful. But how to live without thinking about tomorrow? Many of us would like to know what awaits Russia in the near future. Among the many analytical predictions and magical predictions, one is inclined to choose what is more in line with his personal feelings, and maybe even with fears.

what awaits Russia in the near future
"You and the poor, you are plentiful"

Perhaps no one has so accurately describedthe absolute inconsistency of this phenomenon under the name of Russia, as NA Nekrasov. The only question is that even after two centuries the country consists entirely of contradictions: it is powerful, and powerless, and miserable, and abundant. Is it really true that this country is destined to remain unhappy in all ages, as many people believe in it? Surprisingly the whole world, a country that possesses untold riches, allows most of its population to live on the brink, or even beyond poverty. Evidently, from the same predilection for contradictions, some predict that Russia is in the near future in ruins and collapse, while others predict its rapid rise and prosperity.

The views of American analysts

In the 2002 published in the US famousthe RAND corporation's report "On the Degree of Russia's Decline", our country is not directly classed as "losers", but at the same time gives a large list of signs of state decline. This is an inefficient economy, and total corruption, and the penetration of criminals into power, and the decomposition and decline of the army's fighting capacity, and an alarming demographic situation. At a particularly "honorable" place - the privatization war.

what awaits us in the near future
In this sense, the negative experience of Russiais indicative for the whole world. Nowhere else on the planet, except in Russia, would the privatization of the state-owned natural monopolies - Gazprom, Rosneft, UES (Unified Energy System) and transport arteries, in particular, RZhD - by default be made possible. Next, the transition to private hands of the education and healthcare systems. Of all this, American analysts conclude that there is a degradation of the Russian state, and that in the near future only the aggravation of the global crisis on all fronts will be exacerbating us. At the same time, they are also concerned about the situation, since they do not hide the US's interest in Russia as an inexhaustible source of raw materials. Strange as it may seem, our power seems to be satisfied with such a status: how it was a supplier of raw materials and energy resources to the West and America, so it remains to them to this day.

Will there be light at the end of the tunnel?

It's time to look for more optimistic forecasts.On what awaits Russia in the near future. And if in real life there are no obvious prerequisites for positive changes yet, why not recollect the predictions of clairvoyants, relating to time to different ages?

Four hundred years ago, Nostradamus predictedRussia's Golden Age. This will be the New Era, the second century of Saturn and the beginning of the era of Aquarius. If you believe these predictions, there is not much time left to wait - after all, the era of Aquarius will come in 2014. In 1996, Vangu was asked about what awaits Russia in the near future. She replied that no one and nothing can stop Russia and her rebirth. The clairvoyant predicted that Russia would sweep everything in its path and become "the mistress of the world," and by 2030 America would recognize this and bow to her head.

what awaits Russia in the near future

Not so optimistic forecasts of modernpredictors. Thus, Pavel Globa writes that he expects Russia in the near future, not later than in the spring of 2014, and many more difficult tests. It is during this period that the planet Uranus will enter the constellation of Aries, and this combination promises much aggression and instability. Moreover, this will affect not only the Russians. By spring, Globa says, the economic decline of the United States will worsen, and the situation in the countries of Europe will become more complicated. To the African continent the astrologer prophesies an extraordinary famine. Against this background, however, Russia will look better, and the wealth of its resources will help it to quickly overcome the crisis and bypass yesterday's rich opponents. It will prove to be an undoubted leader in the field of space exploration. And in general, the coming year will be a year of a peculiar purification and will entail a period of rapid takeoff in both the economy and spiritual life.

To live to ...