1980 year of the monkey
The eastern horoscope is arranged in such a way that allsigns are repeated every 12 years. For example, 1980 - the year of the monkey, respectively, under this sign will be 1992, 2004, 2016. The monkey is the personification of cunning. In this case, it is characterized by inconstancy and unbalance.

The Year of the Monkey gives the world sociable people, withgood sense of humor. They easily make friends and are almost always the soul of the company. They are cunning and crafty, they know how to create an impression of themselves that is profitable for them at the moment. Born in the year of the Monkey people are very self-serving. To achieve their goals, they are capable of much. If necessary - they will be kind, friendly, helpful and courteous. In fact, they consider themselves above all others, even despise them to some extent.

In the year of the Monkey many intellectuals are born. These people read a lot, love to learn and learn everything new. They usually know about everything that is happening in the world, have a wonderful memory and a lively mind. Thanks to this they almost always have higher education.

monkey year
The monkey is very inventive. It easily solves the most difficult problems that may seem insurmountable to another. She always has a lot of plans. But if she did not undertake their implementation at once, then the probability is great that she will not undertake at all. The monkey has common sense and will not go into vain for nothing. But at the same time, she deftly misleads others and is able to hold and ridicule even a very clever and powerful Dragon. Being cunning and diplomatic, she does not yield to the Tiger's magnetism and, as usual, laughs even at him.

In the year of the Monkey, independent people are born,loving themselves and their individuality. It is difficult for them to inspire something, and even more so to impose. They always follow their own interests. For this they are able to lie, absolutely not hesitate. The monkey is capable of dishonest behavior. She is always confident in her impunity, which often leads her.

The monkey will succeed in all matters where it is requireddexterity and cunning. It is subject to such spheres as industry, commerce, politics. She can take on any business, if only it was interesting to her. However, born under this sign should avoid long verbal outpourings: they can tire people and spoil the reputation of the Monkey itself.

born in the year of the monkey
In love, a Monkey is often unhappy. She quickly gets carried away, but just as quickly cools. However, it always saves an innate sense of humor - it can laugh at its failures and misses. It helps to overcome many difficulties and live on.

In the year of the Monkey, people are born who canfascinate almost everyone. They can make an excellent pair of a strong Dragon. Such a union will be strong, if the Dragon will be lenient to the cunning of the Monkey. With Rat these people have a special relationship. A monkey can love her, even if this feeling is not mutual. With Tiger, she should be more careful. Despite the whole cunning of the Monkey, the Tiger will easily eat it.

Regardless of who the Monkey will be withlife, she will have her own home and many children. Her life can be divided into three parts. The first will be happy, the second - a vague and turbulent, the third will bring peace and tranquility.