Capricorn and Scorpio are an ideal union of the twoloving hearts, especially in marriage. People born under these constellations can not immediately find a common language with each other, because both are stubborn and self-confident, both seek to dominate, not yielding to a partner. Fortunately, this is a temporary phenomenon ... The stars say that both variants of alliances are successful, but the most popular is the Capricorn man and the Scorpio woman. About this and talk.

Capricorn and Scorpion

Happy couple: Capricorn and Scorpio

Union of Capricorn and Scorpio women canBe simply brilliant! The wonderful potential inherent in it, will become even stronger when it comes to marriage. Of course, you should not completely flatter yourself about this, because the relations between partners will not be so simple, and this is natural. The fact is that the characters of both partners are very secretive and complex. However, unlike other "star" couples, Capricorn and Scorpio are partners so necessary to each other that any of their quarrels are a purification and enrichment of their inner worlds, which is far from being possible for everyone!

Capricorn and Scorpio - people created for each other

A Scorpio woman and a Capricorn man will be able toto notice each other everywhere, even in a crowd of people, they calculate each other energetically. About such as they say: berries from one field. The relationship between Capricorn and Scorpio is some kind of positive puzzle of feelings, allowing each of the partners to guess the thoughts of the other, skilfully hiding their own.

Capricorn and Scorpio Marriage

Unlike many other couples, Capricorn andScorpio perfectly understand and respect each other's desire for a "piece" of freedom, on their own inner world, on their personal space. Both partners are happy to talk on any topic, spending hours in intellectual disputes!

Both Scorpio and Capricorn are not very sociable withbecause they consider them to be potential enemies, which carry a certain danger to their ideal relations, as well as unworthy of them for a number of reasons: in dress clothes, in worldviews for life, for sex and so on. That's why this couple has almost no friends.

Family Capricorn and Scorpio

The marriage of these people is approximately indicativefor all. Many "star" couples have much to learn from Scorpio and Capricorn. In marriage, both partners love to dream about their future, drawing pictures and building plans. They hope to achieve their goals in the near future, but they always act differently. Usually led by a Scorpio woman, who is an excellent strategist in their pair, and Capricorn man is a good performer.

pair of ibex and scorpion
Partners in marriage will never quarrel over every trifle. They consider themselves above routine life.

The Scorpio woman is shrewd and smartpersonality. In their alliance, she is an undisputed leader, loyal to her partner to the end. Scorpio will do everything that depends on him, so that he and Capricorn live in abundance, and Capricorn, in turn, will support his beloved in everything!

Scorpio will appreciate and respect yourCapricorn for his devotion to life and love, and this is completely justified. The Capricorn man does not even think about betraying his beloved Scorpio woman. That's the kind he is, the God-kissed union!