There is a huge amount of Tarot layouts. Some better show the situation in their personal lives, others are focused on viewing the negative, while others allow you to see the whole situation.

Celtic cross
Undoubtedly, the pearl is the layout"Celtic cross". Despite the fact that it is quite easy to learn and it is recommended to begin studying the tarot cards from it, it often gives the most accurate answer to the question posed. Let's consider some features.

Let's start with the fact that the layout of the "Celtic Cross" -one of the most ancient. In the course of fortune telling cards are laid out as follows. A card is chosen, which will indicate the one to whom they are guessing. In the "Celtic Cross" for women, this is the High Priestess, for men - Magician. Then it is covered with a map that reflects the essence of the problem, and on top - a map that tells how to solve it. Then put the third card over the client cards and the first two. This is something that a person already knows about the problem. The fourth card is under the first two. In the broadest sense, it shows what caused the problem, so to say, the root cause, what is "under the heart."
Celtic cross meaning
Next, put the card to the right of the card of the Priestess Magician. This past. The map to the left of the Priestess Magus is the future. Thus, we formed a kind of Celtic cross. The layout is further supplemented by 4 cards that are placed to the right of the cross design either from the bottom up or from the top down.

Of course, these are the general rules for reading the situation"Celtic cross". The meaning of each card should be interpreted in close interweaving with others and not contradict the laws of logic. Let us dwell on a more detailed explanation.

1. The first card is a characteristic of the situation right now, so to speak, the general state of affairs. On it you can immediately understand how serious everything is.

2. The second is an external influence that can affect the situation.

3. The third is the level of consciousness, that is, what the client understands about the problem.

Celtic cross layout
4. Fourth - the level of the subconscious. These are the roots of a situation that a person himself may not even realize, installations that are difficult to correct and change precisely because they lie in the subconscious realm.

5. The fifth is the past. That is, what was in general sense, and about the issue.

6. The sixth is the future. This is what will happen soon, within a week or a month.

"Celtic Cross" itself is completed. Now we look at additional maps.

7. Seventh - this is the client, his attitude and thoughts about the situation, as to what 1 and 2 cards show.

8. Eighth - external influence, the influence of other people on the situation. Can also warn of false advice and dishonest friends.

9. The ninth - fears and fears, as well as hopes, if the card itself is favorable. But if the client wants to break off the relationship with a man and in the 9th position the Senior Arcane empress falls out, then one should interpret as a phobia.

10 The tenth card is what will all end. This is an analog of the existing mosaic. It is necessary to understand that this last card is a compressed version of the layout, and therefore it should be interpreted taking this feature into account.