So, Aries is a man and Taurus is a woman. The compatibility of personalities depends on their characteristics. Before you look at how these people interact in different spheres, let's give a brief description of each of the signs. On the basis of what these people possess, the result of their common activities will also depend.

Main features of Aries and Taurus

Aries man and Taurus woman compatibility
Aries is an open, mobile, dreamer and hero. He strives for honesty. For him there are no halftones. All that he does is a feat! All his thoughts are directed to fame, enormous achievements, scale accomplishments. It happens harshly, even rude, but because of innate goodness, everything is forgivable for him.

Woman-Taurus - tender and dependent, maybefaithful and affectionate. But often he shows obstinacy and despotism, if he is sure that a man is capable of treason. A good hostess, very realistic and natural.

Aries-man and Taurus-woman: compatibility in business sphere

It will be an excellent team. He is the initiator and main generator of ideas, which he always has a great many. She is an excellent performer, a faithful and faithful companion, who is able to translate all his super-idees into a practical plane. This union is not at all like the "Taurus Male - Aries Woman," where everyone's ego encounters the inconsistency of general ideas about who should initiate ideas. Here, traditions are observed. The initiative comes from a man and is supported by a woman. Aries-man and Taurus-female compatibility in the business and comradely sphere also show almost perfect. Especially if they both make concessions, they will humble their stubbornness a little.

the man the Taurus the woman the Aries

Man-Aries, woman-Taurus: love

In love, his passion goes well with herromanticism. He completely takes possession of her attention, she responds with sincere care. He gives birth to romantic projects, which they embody together to mutual pleasure. Her confidence in her abilities makes relations unprocessing. Such a couple leads a balanced life until his heightened sociability begins to irritate her.

This happens very rarely, because in a pair"Aries-man and Taurus-woman" compatibility is determined by her behavior. A Taurus woman is able to create her own world, where the Aries is given the most suitable role - an adored lover and a hero. He in return showered her with hot, passionate compliments.

male aries female taurus
After a while, he will be annoyed by herpracticality, as his unrealistic plans will constantly come across her understanding of the impossibility of their implementation. It will also irritate his eternal wandering in the clouds and the desire to remake the world. If they both can understand and forgive some of the partner's shortcomings, then the love will be long and tender.

Friendly relations

In friendship it is a harmonious pair - Aries-man andTaurus is a woman. Their compatibility is almost undisturbed. They are both capable of respectful and tolerant attitudes to each other's interests. Define and clearly observe the boundaries, which should not be crossed. His eternal enthusiasm will charge her with new energy. He will also be attracted by her ability to come to the rescue in time and cool his ardor when the fantasy "comes out of the shores."