Andrew the First-Called, or the holy Apostle Andrew, -this is one of the twelve disciples of Jesus Christ, who was brother to the apostle Peter. He was crucified on the cross, named the cross of St. Andrew and turned into a shrine. But first things first.

Andrew the First-Called

Andrew's cross

The Baptist John directed two brothers to Jesus -Peter and Andrew. The latter became the closest disciple of Christ. That's why he was dubbed the First-Called. He, along with other disciples of Jesus, observed the crucifixion of his teacher, and also witnessed a real miracle: Jesus was resurrected!

According to the Bible, each of the twelve disciplesChrist went to preach His teachings. The first-named went to the east. He traveled a lot, visited many countries and cities, the last of which was Patras in Greece. It was here that Andrew the First-Called created many different miracles that prompted local residents to make a decision on Baptism.

The ruler of Patras, named Egeath, did not heed the teachingsThe first-born and remained a convinced pagan, calling Andrew's preaching madness. On his orders, the apostle Andrew was executed. His deathbed became the so-called cross of St. Andrew. It was on him that the apostle was crucified. According to legend, the crucified Andrew was alive and was conscious for three days. At this time he taught people. He was martyred when he was prayed to God that he took the martyr to him.

where is the cross of Andrew the first-named

What does the cross of St. Andrew symbolize?

It is the Apostle Andrew who is the linkbetween the Orthodox and the Church of Constantinople. In the territory of the future Ancient Rus, the apostle left his chest cross preaching Christianity. He converted the heathen faith in his own.

Since the time of the emperor of Russia Peter the GreatApostle Andrew became the patron saint of St. Petersburg, and the cross itself - a symbol of the Russian fleet. It was he who was imprinted on the St. Andrew's flag (a blue cross on a white cloth).

Not otherwise than a miracle!

The cross of St. Andrew can be calledthe real miracle of God! Today, many believing Christians daily bow before him, asking for help in solving certain problems. And not in vain. The apostle Andrew hears and sees the pain living in their hearts, and asks the Lord for sending help to these people. Possessed by spirits or incurably sick people, coming to the cross, are healed.

Where is the cross of St. Andrew?

Of course, there, where and took a martyr's deathApostle Andrew, that is, in the city of Patras in Greece. The cross was transferred there with great honors in January 1980. Today he is in a specially equipped cave in the New Temple, which is dedicated to the Apostle Andrew.

the miracle of the cross of Andrew the first-named

What is the origin of the cross of St. Andrew?

From the tree of the olive tree that grows in the region of Achaia. When the cross was discovered in Massalia, the scientists carried out special studies that confirmed his belonging precisely to the epoch into which the holy apostle Andrew was crucified. Also, scientists were able to prove that the material from which the cross is made is precisely the olive tree growing in Achaia.