Do you want to know a little about astrological compatibility? Aquarius Woman, a Libra man, is an excellent example of an ideal union. But let's stop at each of the partners. Who is she

compatibility woman aquarius man scales
this woman is Aquarius? It is eccentric, with it the meaning of the word "incompatible" will become available to you. Yes, she is a loving and faithful person, but at the same time distant and, as it were, separate. She has dreams, but most of them an ordinary man can not comprehend or understand. It is often problematic to build relationships with this woman: you will never know what is important for her in life. You may think that you are her best friend, just a friend, whereas in reality you are something more.

Libra is a man ... Libra is a sign of Venus, ideallya balanced sign, a very loving sign. Compatibility of a woman-Aquarius - a man-Libra can be quite successful, because Libra - the same free symbol in any manifestations and expressions of their views. In addition, Libra - it is always the right choice for Aquarius, especially women, including in the intimate terms. Scales seduce luxury, music, atmosphere, they act with boyish coquetry. And when it comes to love, be sure: they know everything about her, this love gave them their horoscope. Scales and Aquarius - this

signs of the zodiac scales and Aquarius
a couple waiting for the unusual, completely boringrelations. Both of them get to defend their "I" in marriage, without touching the feelings of another. They are real romance, but still someone will constantly argue in this pair, creating a counterbalance. Zodiac Signs Libra and Aquarius belong to socially active signs. Both like "parties", parties, spending time with friends. Their real dream is to turn life into one big party, full of friends, native people, pets and other attributes of a happy idle life.

Is their compatibility high? Woman-Aquarius, a man-Libra understand each other with a half-word, and even without words at all. They are able to support each other in any vicissitudes of fate, their difficulties are only rallying, making the union even stronger. What else can be said about the compatibility of a woman-Aquarius - a man-Libra? This is a truly excellent union from the point of view of astrology, such a rating pushes them to a decisive step, including to marry. These are the two people who should be together. They will not leave each other in trouble under any circumstances. They are friendly in any relationship: marital, business.

horoscope scales and Aquarius
All because partners in any of the unions are equivalent, they work together to bring the relationship to the most comfortable level for both, finding convenient compromises and jointly overcoming obstacles.

"Why is this happening?" - you ask. The fact is that Aquarius and Libra are ideally suited at the physical and spiritual level. Perfectly complement each other, being two halves of a single whole. And even in business communication, it will be easy for them, because they, like no one else, immediately determine the direction of the partner's thoughts, which allows time and maximum concentration of efforts on the way to achieving the goal. They are completely alien to minor mischief in the relationship, no one will interfere, that is why the compatibility of the signs of the Zodiac Aquarius and Libra - is a cohesive business union that defines the goals and chooses a single path to their achievement.