Not everyone knows what the lard dreams about. Those who are interested in what a dream means, will find the most detailed interpretation in this article.

If a person went to rest hungry and, falling asleep,thinking about food, then it is understandable why he imagined this. In the event that the day before it was not even dreamed of, it is worthwhile to think about what the dream warns about.

What is the dream of lard - we learn the secrets

what does the fat look like

Before you unravel the mystery, you should remember,under what circumstances it was. If the dreamer cut him, it means, in reality he will win over the enemies. And it will not necessarily be physical. He can conquer and with the help of intelligence. If a person does not have ill-wishers, then such a dream predicts his luck in business.

Let the fat in the dream be appetizing. If it is stale and rancid, the dreamer awakens in real life. Fresh fat in a dream will lead to happy events.

When treating dreams, great importancethen, the representative of what sex dreamed of bacon. If a woman in her sleep has stained her white handles with melted fat, her plans for raising her status in society will not come true.

What do Ukrainians talk about this dream?

dream book

I wonder what the Ukrainian dream book says aboutabout what you dream about fat? After all, this product has long been considered the national food of this people, although not only Ukrainians like it. Representatives of many other nations do not mind eating a delicately pink slice, putting it on black bread. But in the Ukrainian dream book, the procedure for eating fat in a dream is described as negative, since it can foreshadow the disease. Therefore, it is better to eat it in real life, but in moderation. The same dream book says: if in the kingdom of Morpheus you wore lard wrapped in paper, in a pocket or in a bag, in general, had it with you, then this heralds wealth.

Can be made from this fatty piecea talisman, having put a rope in it and putting it around his neck. But wearing such an amulet follows only in a dream to attract wealth. In reality such a focus will not work: fat will contaminate clothes, and everyone around can misunderstand.

Why do you dream salo salted, smoked or cooked?

Why is salted salted dreamed?

This dream is very favorable. He predicts a happy outcome of negative events. If a person is in real trouble, he does not know how to get rid of them, then this dream promises success.

In interpreting this vision, it is important to rememberall details. If a person in his sleep self-salted bacon, then he is destined in real life to meet someone who distracts from the most urgent matters. With him, the dreamer will have a great time, learn a lot of interesting things. To remake this product both in reality and in a dream is not necessary. If someone sees a lot of salt in a dream, then it heralds tears.

To consume fat, you can not only salt it,but also to smoke. This promises a small profit. As they say, a trifle, but still nice. Even small amounts of income can be very useful. But not only this awaits the dreamer. He can make a very good deal.

Frozen salted, fried and raw

The boiled bacon portends apathy and sluggish affairs. Moreover, such a dream can be a warning about an accident on the road. If possible, the next day after such a vision is better not to go anywhere. To sleep did not come true, they do not tell anyone. In any case, you need to be extremely attentive on the roads both as drivers and as pedestrians.

what does the fat look fresh

I wonder what dreams of fried fats? If you dreamed that you fried fat, making from it mouth-watering crunchy squill, then such culinary activities in the realm of Morpheus will be appreciated and awake. Dreamer will be dedicated to some mystery. It can bring him profit or interesting knowledge.

But baked bacon can make a mess inthe real life of man. Sleep warns that he can in reality take a compliment for insult. Therefore, in real life you do not need to be wary if someone praises you. It is likely that a person will do it sincerely. Maybe he just does not formulate his idea well. No need to be offended, but it's better to calm things down.

Dreamed of fresh bacon? What is it for?

And what does the fresh fats dream about? If it is a pinkish hue, and on the cut is visible a layer of red meat, then this is a beautiful dream. He predicts luck and luck. Well, if it is a large piece of fat, then the dreamer expects good health and material well-being. If a person cuts off only small thin slices from this bite, it means that he will be economical and cherishing reality. Sleep will make you think in real life about excessive waste and help find the golden mean of unreasonable spending.

In general, the vision of fat is positively interpreteddream book. What does a fat appetizing dream about? Fortunately, to luck. As in reality, so in a dream, the old rancid product can not be eaten, and then everything will certainly be good!