Do you know what an inverted cross means? Today, unfortunately, little is known to the true inverted cross. In many modern sources it is mentioned as a sign of the Satanists. It's not so, friends ... Initially, its meaning was closely related to the name of the apostle Peter, and only then to the devil-worshipers. Read more about everything in our article.

which means an inverted cross

Inverted cross. Value

His very first and main purpose is humility and unworthiness in comparison with Jesus Christ. This is how the apostle Peter explained this. So, let's find out what the inverted cross means.

St. Peter

65 year. The time of the reign of the convinced persecutor of the Christian ideas of Emperor Nero. According to the legend, it was then that the apostle Peter was crucified on the inverted cross. Why? As a sign of remorse for the fact that he denied the Savior threefold. Many sources claim that Peter, who was condemned to death for preaching Christianity, chose for himself such an unusual "instrument of execution" in order to show Jesus Christ that he is not worthy to die in the same way as the Savior Himself! As a result, Peter was crucified upside down.

Catholic Symbols: Inverted Cross

The meaning of such a cross later became figureand in the Catholic symbolism. He is depicted on the throne of the pope himself. Of course, this causes different reactions in modern society. Most people do not share these strange Catholic views.

inverted cross value

The Satanic Inverted Cross

The meaning of the inverted cross as Satanic is explained by the fact that the Latin cross, which has four branches, is characterized as follows:

  • its peak means God the Father;
  • the two sides are God the Son and God the Spirit;
  • the lower end is Satan.

It turns out that Satan is above the HolyThe Trinity. That is why it is perceived as a symbol of the Antichrist himself. In fact, this can be safely called the prejudice of fanatics who have renounced Christ.

which means an inverted cross

Other versions of what an inverted cross means

A tool of black magicians

Many call it the most ordinaryperversion of the idea of ​​the cross of God, a parody of the Most High and His symbolism! It is interesting that black magicians use such an inverted symbolism in order to visually elevate evil, belittling good!

Cross of the Gentiles

Once upon a time such a cross symbolized two gods - Apollo (the sun god) and Thor (god of thunder and storms).

Jesus Christ did not honor the cross ...

As if today did not interpret the cross, he, beforein all, is the subject of religious veneration for the majority of Christian denominations. But those who, even though sometimes reading books, perfectly know the fate of this symbol at the very roots of Christianity. The fact is that neither Jesus Christ nor his disciples (among them - Levi Matvey) generally worshiped the cross. Moreover, they did not use the sign of the cross!

This is explained by the fact that newly-made Christiansdid not need any symbols whatsoever. All of them were distinguished by love. Once Christ told his disciples: "I give you, my children, a new commandment: to love each other, if love reigns between you, everyone will know who you are." You are my disciples! "