There are signs bearing positive information. Other beliefs lead to horror, foreshadowing sad events. You can not believe, but if the predictions come true, you understand that there are no coincidences, and it's no accident the people interpret this or that phenomenon in one way or another. We propose to find out what the bird that came into the house can mean. And let's discuss whether to consider this occurrence as an omen from above or not.

The bird swooped down onto the balcony

Herald from the Other World

Most mystics believe that the bird isa messenger of the deceased people who pass on news to relatives and friends. It will be good news, no mage will dare to predict. They say that if the bird has flown to the balcony and started to run it there, to walk from corner to corner and say something in its bird language, then you need to remember that person who lived and died in this dwelling. It is believed that he flew from the other world to express discontent and remind of himself. Do not panic! Remember him, order a service in the church. Let the soul calm down.

The bird flew to grief

If the bird flew to the balcony
There is one more belief that explains whywait for a bird to fly to the balcony. This sign bears negative information: if the family, in whose house the guest appeared, wait for grief and unhappiness. It's doubly bad if the bird was beating in the window with its beak. Mages believe that in this way the mountain itself asks for the house. A bad sign is to find on the balcony a dead bird, all in blood and with a collapsed neck. This is the death of a loved one. And if you saw how a hungry or sick bird has flown (with a broken wing, for example), then grief can be diverted. Heal a winged friend, feed him. Representatives of the world of magic argue that such an act of mercy will bring trouble and protect the house from negative energy.

How to take the trouble

Do not be scared immediately if the balcony flewbird. This sign, apparently, unpleasant, but grief can be taken away. You just need to properly conduct the ritual. First, do not try to catch birds. The bird must fly out by itself, without any help. Do not pay attention to it, let it be like and calm down. Secondly, pour the breadcrumbs on the windowsill and floor, saying these words: "Eat and fly away, but take the trouble." The bird should stick it all together and fly away. Thirdly, as soon as your unwanted guest flies away, throw after him a handful of cereals and repeat again the magical words. Someone will say: "Are people's signs always telling the truth?" The bird flew, maybe just like that, lost in flight ... ". Well, this is likely, no one argues. However, one should not so vehemently reject popular wisdom. As they say, people have taken signs for centuries.

Folk signs of the bird flew
Floating bird - for good

Well, are we all about the bad and the bad? It happens that a bird has flown to the balcony. The sign says: if you were visited by a swallow or a little bitch, then this bright soul flew to inform about its imminent birth and get acquainted with future relatives. I'd like to believe in it, especially if there is a pregnant woman in the house or a woman who wants to conceive. What should I do in this situation? You can not chase or catch a bird, let it fly away by itself. It happens that she flew not to the balcony, but to the room itself. In this case, to drive away the feathered guest is difficult. Neither bread crumbs nor sprinkled cereals will attract a swallow. You should open the windows wide and push the curtains aside. She, flying to the ceiling, she will fly out, seeing the way to heaven.

Do we believe or disbelieve the signs?

Yes, we live in an age of progress. Many of us do not believe in such signs and reason logically: if a bird has flown on a balcony, there is nothing to do with it. Everything can be explained. For example, near the window a swallow has made a nest. In flight, she accidentally flew into the dwelling. Or in the courtyard there is a dove. Pigeons tamed, are not afraid to peck grain from human hands. Maybe they forgot to feed? So they ask to go home, reminding them of their dinner.

Well, the appearance on the balcony of a dove or swallowstill it is possible to explain somehow. And how to interpret, if the guest was a crow or jackdaw? These birds are very careful and rarely fly up to a person, especially in a room, so to speak, on someone else's territory. People say that a raven carries bad news and bad news. We will check? Or is it better to read the magic words that will protect us from trouble?