The soul and everything connected with the subconscious is the housein our dreams. He can be a stranger, inhospitable, abandoned or native to pain. Emotional coloring of such dreams is very important. It depends on it, how correctly you and the dream book, a door, a window, a staircase or a cellar will be interpreted to understand what your subconscious mind wants to tell you.

When in the house you encounter obstacles,the door does not give in easily, it does not open, it means that in the nearest environment events will soon occur that will become an obstacle in your relationships or in any endeavors (repair, moving, selling, etc.). If, after a few fruitless attempts, the door swings open easily, this is how the dream book treats: a door means a way out of a predicament, which means that temporary difficulties will not prevent you from seeing a perspective or overcoming insignificant obstacles. The main thing - do not hesitate to not miss the moment.

When you do not encounter obstacles, butstumble at the entrance to the door or experience other difficulties, then this can talk about envious people in real life. Someone carefully fixes obstacles for you, says the dream book: an open door, but difficult to walk through, interferes with the implementation of plans and enterprises. Especially diligently remember what condition the door was in. When it is new and beautiful, it means that the young person is waiting for success and prosperity; And the old, dirty or shabby door, of course, indicates the opposite. There is something to think about, how to improve the state of mind and body.

What does sleep say about having a door to a married woman? Everything depends on the state and position of the door. When a woman sees the door, then the dream door is decrypted unequivocally: there are difficult times in your relationship with a partner. Coldness and mutual misunderstanding can disrupt your relationship. Remember the dream: did you knock at the door or not. The door that opens at the knock will help to quickly establish relations, and if the door does not open, you will have to think about how quickly to go through a difficult period.

Stumble at the entrance to the door - means presencerelatives, ready to make your relationship unpleasant and tense, provoke a quarrel. Again, it is worth looking at the door: the dream door is ready to be considered as an opportunity for gifts from a partner, and old and ugly as a sign that the partner, on the contrary, is waiting for gifts from you.

In male dreams, only one meaning: the door is open or closed. Obstacles in business with a closed door and success in all endeavors when it is open. A childhood home with an open door and unhindered entrance promises harmony in family life and success in affairs of love. But an unfamiliar house, where you enter through the door, is treated as disappointments and treason from a loved one.

In the symbolic meaning of the house, which giveshe dreamed, the door plays a decisive role in the interpretation of the omens of future events. It is open - it means that there is an opportunity to start a new enterprise, it's like a signal that the time has come. The door is closed and does not open in any way - we have to wait and not embark on adventures. If you look at the door as if from a side, then perhaps you need to revise the plans again before proceeding with their implementation.

Long to look for a door, walk around the house or a corridor inher search means that you can not decide to act. Maybe time has not come yet. Or maybe you need to think carefully, there is a way out, it's just not obvious to you. Make an effort, look for new options, revise prospects - and it will open to you in an unexpected new solution.

Often dreams with the door tell of indecisiveness andlow self-esteem, especially if a person often sees obstacles and actions associated with difficulties of penetration through the door. Work on yourself, increase self-esteem!