Any accidents in our dreams are evidencethe fact that we are too hasty to live. We do not have time to stop in time, forgetting about this or that danger waiting for us at the corners of life. To what do we see such dreams?

Car accident. General interpretation of sleep

Any dreamed road transportthe incident carries with it some changes in our life. Such a dream signals us of the approaching dangers, makes us all possible and impossible warnings. The main thing is to interpret them correctly.

Family Dream Book

  1. The accident in the car is dreaming about unforeseen circumstances that will prevent you from carrying out the planned business. Do not take any responsible measures and do not make any financial investments.
  2. If in a dream you manage to avoid some miraculous accident, then in reality you will adequately cope with difficult problems. You can get out of the water.
  3. Do you observe a road accident from a party? In addition, the accident involved a lot of cars of different brands? Such a dream advises you not to rely on others. They will not be able to fulfill the promises made to you. This will lead to various problems in business, in the family.
    dream dream car accident

Freud's Dream Book

  1. Automobile accident in our dreams isa harbinger of passionate attraction to some extraordinary person. The dreamer in real life will experience unforgettable moments of pleasure, bliss and happiness ... You will remember your sexual novel for a long time.
  2. If you are watching the accident from the outside,get ready for a sexual encounter in someone else's car elite brand. In the future, you still ride on this machine. Your sexual experience will be closely related to road transport.

Esoteric dream book

  1. Accident on the car, which you have got in the middle of a long highway, dreams to a good arrangement of your affairs, to the favorable development of your plans.
  2. If in a dream you have witnessed a major traffic accident, then in reality you will be able to enlist the support of some important person.
  3. Dreams that you yourself were a victim of a car accident? This is wonderful! In reality, all your actions will benefit people, and you yourself will be rewarded for your work!
    dream dream car accident

English dream book

  1. Accident on the car, accompanied by bereavement or mutilation, is a bad dream. In reality you can survive a very strong grief up to a real loss.
  2. If you become an involuntary witness of someone else's accident in a dream with a tragic outcome, then you know that the closest people can bring you!
  3. In reality you experience some kind of craving and affection for those people with whom you associate or are directly connected by an accident in a dream.

The Dream of Juno

  1. Do you see an accident in a dream? Do not be in a hurry to live! You're in too much of a hurry. Believe me, there is nowhere to hurry.
  2. If after an accident your own car is broken, then you are trapped by the collapse of business, divorce with your loved one, worsening financially, and so on.
    accident in a dream dream book

Universal dream book

Accident on the car, accompanied by its serious damage, means the breakdown of important cases. If the car is white - your life will be shaken by scandals and gossip, if black - comes someone's death, funeral, mourning ...