Colorado beetles are those harmful insects,which every summer "occupy" our gardens and grounds. Perhaps, they are already tired of everyone who is engaged in gardening and growing vegetables. In addition to the fact that potatoes suffer from their invasion, recently they also switched to tomatoes and "blue" ones. The only way out and salvation in such a situation is spraying plants. Now there are many devices used in this field: mechanical, gasoline, and even battery. However, it is the latter type of sprayers that are in greatest demand among Russian dacha farmers. What did he like and what are his advantages? Let's find out.

accumulator garden sprayer

Technical features

To begin with, we note its technical features. First of all I want to pay attention to the weight of this device, which is about 5-6 kg. This is almost three times less than similar gasoline sprayers. In addition, this unit can be equipped with a special telescopic rod for processing plants in hard-to-reach places. And the length of this tool can be of the order of 100-250 cm. The capacity of the tank for a liquid is no more than 15 liters. Due to this, the maximum mass that a rechargeable garden sprayer can have does not exceed a mark more than 20 kg. The power of the engine is such that this tool can safely handle trees with a height of 5-6 m.

sprayer electric garden battery


With regards to the design itself, the battery garden sprayer consists of the following devices:

  • engine;
  • plastic tank;
  • rod for spraying the necessary liquid;
  • battery that gives energy to the engine.

It is very easy to use this device. For the treatment of the site, it is only necessary to include the deposit, previously pouring into the container the pest control agent.

rechargeable garden sprayer black decker


Virtually every battery gardenThe sprayer (BLACK & DECKER GSC 500 including) is very light. However, that's not all. Despite the fact that both sprayers (battery and gasoline) produce almost the same power and are able to cope with an equal area of ​​land in the shortest possible time, the cost of the first type of devices is much less. In addition, this tool differs noise level, which is several times less than that of gasoline analogues. Since the energy here is produced not from oil products, but from electricity, during processing you will not be choking with exhaust vapors. Also, the electric battery garden sprayer differs in that it does not have a "whimsical nature" in terms of servicing the motor and other units. Gasoline devices are much more often out of order than battery ones. Although they are much more expensive.

Thus, a battery garden sprayer is the best tool for protecting and processing your land. The device can be operated without harm to one's own health.