Geranium is a perennial half-shrubplant. Botanists number more than 50 varieties of geraniums. This plant comes from Africa, and now it grows in the wild in the south of the continent. We are used to the fact that we have this plant room.

why the leaves turn yellow in geraniums
All geraniums are divided into two groups: flowering and fragrant. From these names it is clear that flowering plants are very beautiful large flowers of different shades: from white to blood-red. And the fragrant flowers are plain, but full, bright and very memorable aroma. It is interesting that each subspecies has its own smell. For example, geranium strong-smelling has the aroma of a rose, and the geranium is the smell of an apple. But, for the sake of justice, it should be noted that there are varieties of geraniums that smell very unpleasant.

It is the smell of this gorgeous flowerhas a positive effect on human health. Its leaves are rich in special phytoncides, killing harmful micro-organisms and purifying the air. On many people, the smell of geranium acts relaxing, helps relieve fatigue and stress, soothes the nerves. It is believed that the aroma of fragrant geranium favorably affects patients after a stroke - it significantly improves the activity of the heart muscle, helps with sinus arrhythmia and ischemia.

A plant that must caress our eyes, sometimesvery upset novice florists. The question arises: "Why do the leaves of yellow geranium yellow?" To answer it, we suggest carefully watching the plant: when the yellow leaves appear, how they look.

geranium transplantation

It is believed that geranium does not need a largespace, so it happens that quite experienced flower growers grow geranium in a too small pot, in which the roots are very tight. It is enough to transplant the flower into a more spacious container, and the problem of yellow leaves will fall off by itself.

Another problem that explains whyyellow leaves in geraniums, there may be a wrong flower care in the winter. During the rest period, the geranium can not be kept in a draft. The most comfortable temperature for it in the winter is 10 - 12 degrees Celsius. Such conditions can be created on a glazed balcony. Watering should be rare: it is desirable only after the earth is completely dry.

You will understand why the leaves turn yellow in geraniums, ifanalyze your irrigation system. Remember that the plant comes from Africa, where it is not spoiled by frequent and abundant watering. It is very fond of the sun, but it requires water only when the soil in the pot completely dries. And one more thing: be sure to loosen the soil more often. The access of air to the roots of plants will help to get rid of the yellowness of the leaves.

geranium yellow leaves
In the watering of geranium it is necessary to find the golden mean. The fact is that experienced florists, when asked why the leaves turn yellow in Geranium, they say that for fear of "pouring" the plant, you water it too little.

Geranium can hit the fungus, and then its leavesthey will cover with red-brown spots, and they will begin to dry up. In this case, you will need urgent treatment of the plant with a Bordeaux liquid. In any case, when the geraniums turn yellow, this is a signal that the plant is uncomfortable, and it needs your help.

Transplant geranium should be done once every two to three years, preferably in the spring.