floor in the garage with your own hands

Currently, the requirements for the floors in the garageare not as high as in living quarters. Such criteria, as a rule, include: increased strength to mechanical damage, resistance to chemical agents, resistance to erasure, waterproofness and fire safety. All of these requirements should be taken into account if you undertook to make a floor in the garage with your own hands. In many cases, clay or tamped earth is used as the floor in the said room, but wood or concrete covers will have undeniable advantages. Let us consider these varieties in more detail.

How to make a floor in a garage of concrete?

floor filling in the garage

Before starting to fill this type of coating,prepare the surface. To do this, over the entire area of ​​the pouring to a depth of up to 20 cm in the ground make a groove, the surface of which is leveled and, if the soil has a loose structure, rammed. Then the prepared pit is lined with polyethylene film, leaving a drain on the walls of the garage. This is done for high-quality waterproofing. The film is covered with sand or gravel. You can immediately insulate the floor, using a sheet of foam for this. In the next step, the guides are installed, which must be removed with the help of the building level in a horizontal plane to achieve an even surface of the coating. Before installation, they are lubricated with engine oil. If the screed has a thickness of more than 20 cm, then it should be reinforced to prevent the appearance of cracks. Upon completion of these works, the floor is filled in the garage.

floor in the garage with your own hands

This process is the pouring of concreteand its alignment by the rule on the guides. Then it is rubbed with a grater with the addition of water until a uniform, even surface is obtained and allowed to dry for two to three days. After drying the screed, it is covered with a liquid glass or paint to prevent the formation of dust.

Wooden floor in the garage with your own hands

These coatings have an advantage overconcrete, they are more "warm". Such a floor in the garage, made with his own hands, will look great, it will be more pleasant to carry out repairs and inspection of the car. Warming of this coating is much easier. To do this, simply fill the heater with the space between the lags. But wooden floors have their drawbacks: high wood flammability and its susceptibility to decay. To prevent this negative effect, the wood is impregnated with a special antiseptic or used engine oil.

how to make a floor in a garage

Wooden floors (in comparison with concrete)are less durable, since the weight of the car will not be distributed evenly over the entire floor area, but on 2-3 boards. We draw a conclusion: before installing this coating, choose high-quality and sturdy boards so that, over time, the floor is often not repaired.

How to make a floor in the garage with your own hands - decideyou, but in any case it should be understood that it must meet the criteria for it and be durable. These requirements are achievable if it is responsible to approach the installation and not save on materials.