Petunia is considered one of the most popular andbeautifully flowering annuals, cultivated for ornamental purposes for the decoration of flower gardens, balconies, suburban areas. It is easy to grow and in the conditions of an ordinary city apartment.

cuttings petunia
One of the most effective ways of reproductionThis plant is considered a cuttings petunia. They are easy to dissolve, it is enough just to keep a few healthy bushes in the autumn, and in the spring to start working. The main thing is to have patience, to buy a primer and plastic containers for saplings.

Reproduction of petunia by the cuttings of the queen cell

So, without serious material costsget enough flowers, pick in the beginning of September, a few petunia bushes like the variety and transplant them into a flower pot. Plants can be put on wintering in a well-lit sunlit window sill. Preliminarily, cut too long branches of the bush. The plant will feel good at a temperature of no higher than + 12 ° C. In the spring (from the end of February to May), the cuttings of petunia are cut. From the bushes in the pot, cut off the apical shoots, so that there are at least four leaves on each. Then remove from each fragment extra leaves, leaving the top two, and shorten the twigs halfway. As a result, the size of the cut should be about 6 cm.

Cuttings of petunias: rooting biomaterial

propagation of petunia by cuttings propagation
In order for the cuttings to begin, it is necessarycreate optimal conditions for them. The room temperature is required from +21 ° C to +24 ° C. And the room should be sufficiently lit. The cuttings are placed in peat soil, deepening them approximately 2 cm. The seedlings are placed at a distance of about 1.5 cm from each other. After planting, the box (plastic container) is covered with a film or glass. Cuttings must be well moistened, but not poured. You can stimulate the growth of petunias using drugs such as "Heteroauxin" or "Kornevin." Tip: rooting flowers is convenient in containers with transparent sides, through which the overgrown roots will be viewed. Saplings grow up within 14-20 days, during this time they are gradually accustomed to fresh air, slightly opening the polyethylene. Rooted plants are transferred into containers using a mixture of sand and fertile soil (1: 5). After transplantation, the pots are placed in a shaded place for 7 days. Regularly watering the cuttings and sprinkled with water from the spray gun.

Cuttings petunias: caring for seedlings

cuttings petunia
In order for Petunia's bush to be more beautiful,produce a pinching of the plant. Do this over the fourth (fifth) sheet. Tip: The cut off upper shoot can also be used for cuttings. If there is a need, the procedure is repeated after two weeks. A month later, the cuttings expand and are ready to be transplanted into a container with a large diameter (11 cm). As you can see, the cuttings petunia is a fairly simple procedure that allows you to get beautiful flowers that completely preserve all properties of the mother liquor. Care of such seedlings does not differ from seedlings, bought in a store or grown from seeds. Petunia loves warmth and good lighting, is drought-resistant, but needs abundant watering while prolonged absence of moisture. Soil prefers sandy loamy or loamy, fertile and well drained. For prolonged and abundant flowering, feed it regularly, every 10 days, starting 7 days after planting in the open ground and ending in August. It is desirable to use a complex fertilizer for flowering plants with a predominance of potassium.