Red ants in the flat, settled withoutinvitations, have an excellent name "Pharaoh". Carl Linnaeus - a naturalist from Sweden came to the conclusion that these insects appeared in Egypt. However, this opinion is incorrect. The homeland of red pests is India, where the ants have settled all over the world thanks to the mariners. But the name "Pharaohs" was fixed to them.

anti-ants in the apartment

What harm does the red ants bring in the apartment?

Ants can penetrate anywhere. They quietly walk along the cracks in the walls, live behind the tiles, under the parquet and skirting boards. They freely pass from one apartment to another. Therefore, you need to get rid of these pests together.

They quietly penetrate into the products, even reliablyhidden. The ant is an omnivorous insect, and it can be found everywhere: in cereals and bread, in granulated sugar and on a piece of meat. Also, insects can spoil the tissues, clothing and insulation of electrical wires. Particularly topical is the question of which means of ants in the apartment is more reliable, for the reason that they spread various infections around the house.

Destruction of insects

destruction of insects

Today's remedy for ants in the apartmentpretty effective. It is possible to divide all kinds of struggle against this insect into two large categories. Virtually all of the food products contain a borax (a composition of boric acid, honey or sugar). It quickly destroys pests. Dilute these ingredients in hot water and leave food in accessible places for the enemy. After a week, cook fresh bait.

Another means of ants in the apartment,which lasts much longer. Mix on a tablespoon of water, sugar, glycerin, honey (1 tsp) and 1/3 teaspoon borax. While heating the mixture on low heat, mix thoroughly until completely dissolved. Such a bait will not wither for a long time and will not spoil.

red ants in the apartment

The next remedy for ants in the apartment -bait of meat. Again, take a teaspoon of borax and a couple of spoons of minced meat. Do not overdo it from the first, the ant should bring food to the nest and share with friends. These insects are very sensitive to smells, so put the bait only in non-oxidizing bowls, and put them in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the toilet and in the living rooms.

The second category includes chemicalpreparations. They also have a great effect. The most popular is the preparation "Regent", inexpensive and easy to use. The product is diluted in water and applied with a syringe with a needle, which allows you to get poison into the smallest cracks in the habitat of pests.

Excellent tool "Front Line". This nebulizer is effective against ants, cockroaches, fleas and ticks. Sold in pharmacies for animals.

The last achievement of science is the German meansDelicia Ameisen-frei. This powder is dissolved in water and watered the habitats of pests. You can use the tool and in loose form. The composition of the drug includes 2% chlorpyrifos. It is also used in the garden. A special effect will bring a complex application of the drug with the above-described traps. Good luck!