Perhaps, modern gardeners are difficult to surpriseany unusual development of breeders. Scientists are painstakingly working on obtaining new varieties, including fruit trees. Their goal is to get more yielding, resistant to pests, aggressive climatic influences and diseases, samples. As a result of this complex work, there are interesting cultures, many of which are hybrids.

We will tell you about one of these novelties today. Our hero - unusual both externally and tastefully, black apricot. "Black Prince" - such a beautiful name received a new grade. About the peculiarities of cultivation of this dark hybrid we will tell below.

black apricot black prince

Apricot "black prince": characteristic of the variety

You can say that today it's still prettya rare fruit crop. "Black Prince" - a hybrid of apricot, cherry plums, plums. Breeders claim that the appearance of the variety is due to accidental pollination of apricot with garden cherry plum. Then the fruits obtained were refined and improved.

Several varieties of thisan unusual plant, some of them were very thermophilic, they were afraid of frost and ripened quite late. Such crops are difficult to grow in the northern regions of our country. This is due to the fact that it is necessary to cover them well for winter (although this measure does not always help to preserve the tree), the crop has to be removed unripe.

Breeders continued to work, and as a resultappeared not afraid of the cold winter, ripening much earlier than the analogs of apricot "black prince". Podmoskovye is perfect for growing a new variety.

apricot black prince reviews

Features of the variety

Apricot "black prince" (reviews of gardeners areconfirm) blossoms a little later than other stone fruit. Due to this feature, cultural owners are not afraid of late frosts. In addition, this variety is well tolerated by recurrent winter frosts, from which most common varieties die.

Experts believe that this variety of apricot("black prince") is more resistant to many diseases that are characteristic of stone fruit. He is not afraid of cytosporiosis, moniliosis and klyasterosporiosis. The plant is very compact, so it is much easier to care for it than for the huge trees of ordinary varieties.

Description of the hybrid

If the sweet fruit of the traditional yellow apricotknown and loved by many, then not everyone knows about his "relative" black. What does black apricot look like? "Black Prince" is a medium-sized tree with a small and slightly thickened crown. The trunk and branches cover the bark with a dark green tint. Skeletal twigs can be "armed" with spines.

apricot black prince

Leaves small, having an oval or ovoidshape, with serrated edges. The petiolus is thin and short. Flowers are pale pink or white. Fruit is medium in size, weighing no more than eighty grams. They are painted in maroon or almost black.

Description of fruits, palatability

In comparison with other varieties of dark hybrids,such as "Melitopol black", "black velvet", according to gardeners, it is the most delicious black apricot. "Black Prince" is not only great for making jam. It is a wonderful dessert fruit, which can make a worthy competition to southern nectarines or apricots. An unusual hybrid has a tart and very pleasant taste.

It is impossible not to note the refined appearance of these fruits.The flesh of the fruit has a rich bright burgundy tone with a slight orange tinge. Black apricot has a small bone, which is quite easily separated from the pulp. On yield, this hybrid is the leader among similar varieties. The strength of his growth is attributed to the average. This unusual culture refers to the self-fruit, in other words, it requires trees-neighbors of other varieties for the process of pollination.

 seedlings apricot black prince

Features of agricultural technology

Experienced gardeners believe that it is not difficultto grow black apricot. The "Black Prince" does not have any kind of agrotechnical features that would distinguish it from ordinary varieties. Nevertheless, one should listen to some recommendations of specialists.

Choosing a place to plant this hybrid,remember that all the apricots love the sun very much. But the landing site should be well protected from drafts and wind. Usually such a tree is planted near the southern wall of a house or a fence. For a single tree, an area of ​​at least five square meters is required.

The soil

The composition of the land must be non-uniform.It should be mixed in equal shares of clay with peat and sand. When planting, do not abuse fertilizers. It is necessary to carefully select at purchase strong, not damaged, with not dried up earthen lump seedlings. Apricot "black prince" prefers soils in which groundwater is not too close to the surface. Otherwise, the plant will get wet roots.

It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the snow cover near the tree (especially the young one) in the spring does not exceed fifty centimeters. This may adversely affect the condition of the lower part of the trunk.

apricot black prince

Use of barrels for planting

If on your site the ground waters runtoo close to the surface, experts recommend planting seedlings in barrels, dug into the ground (with a cut bottom). In this case, first a landing pit is prepared, it is covered with pebbles (or other drainage).

Then the pit should be filled with a soil substrate,after which they set the barrel so that it rises half a meter above the ground. The tree planted in this way is reliably protected from rising groundwater in spring and excess snow at the bottom of the trunk in winter.

Care of a tree

Black apricot needs good watering. From the middle of summer it is limited to a minimum, because excess moisture contributes to the active growth of shoots, which will not grow stronger by the winter.

We have already said that when planting you should not abuse fertilizers. With the further growth and development of the seedling, it requires very moderate fertilizing with organic fertilizers.

apricot black prince characteristic

Apricot "black prince": reviews of gardeners

So, we introduced you to a somewhat unusual(at least, in appearance) fruit. Probably, you will be interested to know what the experienced gardeners think about him. The majority of summer residents are satisfied with their purchase. This is especially true of residents of the central Russia. They like that the plant is unpretentious, does not require complex care, has excellent taste qualities.

black prince hybrid apricot cherry plum

Gardeners who have already harvested from theirtrees, it is recommended to take off the fruit a little before full maturation. They must lie down for a few days in a dark place. If you wait for full maturation, they can just crumble.

The owners note a wonderful taste of apricots,which combines a small sour cherry and apricot fragrance. Most summer residents believe that this variety can grow even a beginner in gardening. Most owners believe that the "black prince" is not only a magnificent dessert fruit, but also an exquisite piece of jewelry.

In conclusion, I would like to say that the newthe hybrid "black prince" is not too common in our country. However, its popularity is growing every year. And today it can be seen not only in the suburban areas in the south of our country, but also in more northern areas.