There is a branch of practical knowledge, which todaymore and more urban dwellers. This industry is landscape design. Flowerbeds, alleys, flower beds, garden sculptures and original meadows have become an integral part of not only summer cottages, but also well-maintained urban courtyards.

beds from improvised materials
To learn the correct and interesting designsites it is possible in institute, but it is better to do it in practice. Decorating the yard requires not so much knowledge, as much fantasy and skill. Here, for example, flowerbeds from improvised materials. Make them easier than classic flower gardens, and the result is stunning: a flower garden created by yourself, beautiful, original and unique. The independent design of flower beds (the photo shows how creative they are) is possible for any amateur gardener.

Flowerbeds from the available materials: we will shoe the whole site!

Surely everyone in the storerooms has shoes thatlong time no one is wearing. Perfectly! We make from old shoes flower pot or a whole flower bed. To do this, you need to pull out the old insoles, fill boots and boots with fertile soil and plant flowers. A wonderful flower bed is ready! A separately taken shoe can be hung on a chain or put on the railing of the porch. And you can make a "shoe" shelf in several rows and put on her blossoming shoes. Flowerbeds from handy materials are convenient because in winter they can be moved to a room. By the same principle make beds of old bags and baskets, hats, faience shells and everything in which you can pour the earth.

decoration of flower beds pictures

Flowerbeds from the handy materials: we go-we go-we go ...

Some of my friends bought a garden plot togetherwith an old, rusty car. They began to get rid of this scrap metal. The car was moved to an artificially constructed hillock. Salon filled the earth, put hellebore, hyacinths and annual lunnik. In the hood with convenience settled pansies, on the roof - several types of carpet plants. That's just from the rear trunk for some reason, the multicolored representatives of the loaches were torn to freedom.

landscape design of flowerbeds
Probably, so the hosts wanted to portray the wind,rushing towards a fabulous flower car. Down and Out trouble started! The blossoming car was so popular with children that they already independently put near the same blooming bicycle. On the trunks, the flower boxes were strengthened, all the metal parts were surrounded by wild grapes and ivy. Then the owner of the villa could not stand it. He spent a week, but there were flower beds, chairs, a shell-sink and a strange space ship-like structure, welded from pipes of different diameters. Fire from the nozzle mimicked the red leaves of barberry and scumia, the portholes - delphinium and aconite. Most importantly: on the luxurious flowerbeds of the handy material, almost all the construction and household garbage left by the old owners of the dacha left. Naturally, in the garden of my friends there are flowerbeds of plastic bottles, flower beds, laid out with sea pebbles and shells of different colors, carving figures carved from tires. To their plot gardeners bring their acquaintances, as on an excursion to the botanical garden or museum. And I realized one thing: the more material seems unsuitable for flowers, the more beautiful the flower beds are from it.