The interior door is one of the most importantelements of decor in the interior. And it is she who can at the proper level combine high quality and unsurpassed design. If the interior doors use inserts of expensive and exclusive glass, then the door will become more refined and attractive. But in order to choose the really best interior door, you need to take into account some simple rules that will help to distinguish a poor-quality door from a quality one and, accordingly, to get everything just the best.

The main criteria for choosing a quality interior door

- A good door should be madeexclusively and the most natural and high-quality materials, sometimes it is a natural veneer or a woody array. It is very important that only high quality and safe to use varnish is used to cover the door. Internal doors prices can have completely different, however, as well as their most important qualities, so you need to pay attention to absolutely all the details.

- Surface quality the door must be perfectly even, strongand qualitative to the impact of a variety of mechanical effects, and it will not be superfluous to have a surface and a surface pleasant to the touch. The lacquer must be of high quality, safe to use, expensive, environmentally friendly, and, of course, it should provide reliable protection of the door.

- The door in its design and external data should be uniform, clean and deep color, and there should not be any stains or inclusions in the paintwork.

- The places of connection of the baguette, various gratings and frames must be adjusted tightly and held securely and of high quality, there should not be any gaps or unevenness.

- As for the geometry of the door, it alsomust be correct. The distance from one corner to the second along the diagonal should be equal, the maximum difference can be from zero to one millimeter. And at the same time, poor-quality doors from unreasonable manufacturers can have gaps of ten to twelve centimeters.

- And if you get an interior door withglass inserts, it is by no means recommended to use cheap glass, because it will not only spoil the general qualities of the door, but also negatively reflect on its appearance.

Of course, choosing interior doors is not so simple, but everything becomes extremely simple and easy in the event that you are competent to deal with each aspect.