Very often in the backyard you cansee a beautiful decorative shrub - spirea. Sometimes it is a lonely blooming bush, and in some cases - a whole ridge in the form of a hedge. White spiraea is common, but there are a lot of modern plant varieties. Like any decorative plant, spirea requires special care. If you decide to get them, you should know what to do with spiraea in the fall. This will be discussed in our article. You will learn how to cut a spirea in the fall and according to what pattern.

pruning in autumn spiraea

The use of spirals trimming in autumn

In the flowering period spiraeans look great! On the photo in the article you will see different types of this decorative shrub. The plant has its advantages:

  • unpretentiousness in care;
  • the possibility of landing anywhere in the garden or courtyard;
  • does not require special lighting;
  • grows on any soils;
  • not afraid of cold and winds;
  • long flowering (up to 100 days per season).

Both lonely bushes and hedges are neededto prune. Such care for spiraeus in the fall stimulates flowering. It promotes growth and development of shrubs. Pruning spiraea in autumn gives the shrubs the desired shape and appearance, for every taste.

caring for spirit in autumn

Peculiarities of early-morning spiery

Inflorescences spiroea, blooming in spring, have a whitecolor and are formed on last year's shoots. Of the early-ripening varieties, it is possible to distinguish an oozo-serrated, oak, nipple spirea. Vagutta variety is known to many gardeners. It blooms in May and blossoms until the middle of June. Pruning spiraea in autumn is to remove weak shoots and form a frame of strong and healthy twigs.

This decorative plant very well bush andgrows rapidly. For prigljadnoj decorativeness annually spend pruning spiraea in the autumn. For this, 1/5 of all shoots are cut to the soil. Threshed in this way the bush next year will give more powerful young shoots.

Inflorescences that have faded, removed after wiltingor in the early autumn, only young shoots are left. Every 2 years, bushes thin out, cut out curves, thin, weak branches. Once in 8 years, the spire is cut off in the fall thoroughly, leaving only young branches.

Pruning of varieties blooming in summer

Several varieties of spiraea, blooming insummer months. Such bushes have bright fluffy inflorescences of pink, lilac or gentle-coral color. Of late-flowering varieties, you can distinguish Japanese, ivolistnuyu, birchwood spiraea. Also in this group includes a variety of Billiards, Douglas, Bumald.

In the first year of planting bushes are not cut at all. The next year spirals pruning in autumn are carried out slightly, only remove the weak growth. Also form a bush, removing the faded parts of the branches. Truncated shoots in the spring begin to branch, and the abundant crown is formed. To the thinned plant, light is better to penetrate, it is well ventilated. Sanitary cutting of bushes prevents the occurrence of fungi, various infections and the appearance of pests.

spiree transplant in autumn

Haircut for stimulation of flowering

To spirea better bloom, pruned shoots at the very tips. To do this, it is sufficient to remove a third of the length of the flowering part of the branch. Such pruning stimulates the formation of lateral shoots and abundant flowering.

Once every 4 years it is useful to update the bush, cuttingbranches at a height of 30 cm from the ground. This pruning can be done in the spring or autumn. It is important to make it 2 weeks before the onset of frosty weather so that the plant has time to recover. In the spring, such a cropped bush will be actively renewed: from each branch will go lateral shoots, which will abundantly blossom in July.

Pruning for rejuvenation

Life expectancy of some species of spiraeais 20-25 years. One stem lives 6-7 years. The old bush sometimes loses its attractiveness, is affected by pests, so it is betrayed by deep pruning. Such a shrub is completely cut to the ground. In the spring, near the root cervix, the sleeping buds will begin to germinate. Thus spiraea will be completely rejuvenated.

Whether it is necessary to cut off spiraea in the autumn

How to shear a hedge

Spiraea is great for hedges. Caring for spiraeus in autumn is preferable, rather than spring. Such a haircut before wintering prepares the plant for cold weather and saves valuable gardener time in the spring. October and September are the best time to simulate hedges. Such a haircut contributes not only to the natural circulation of air, but also to the visual appearance of the bushes, their compactness and density.

Already in the second year after planting a young hedgeneed to shear. To do this, cut a third of the branches from a year-old growth. After four years, the branches are cut halfway. That the fence long served, bushes fertilize, water and mulch.

haircut of spiraea in autumn

Basic rules and scheme of autumn pruning

Beginners do not know whether to cutspiroe in autumn. Here they will find the exact answer to this question. The autumn haircut of spirea begins after the plant has ceased to blossom. It is important that the sections are tightened to the first frost. Some gardeners conduct this procedure at the end of September. Pruning shrubs in the first year of planting is only preventive: remove only dried and diseased branches, allowing the plant to develop independently.

Decorative and rejuvenating pruning is carried out at least a year later, so as not to damage the flower buds. Too circumcised spiraea will not so abundantly blossom.

Experienced gardeners take into account before cutting the varietyplants and flowering time. Early-spirited species of spiraea are cut already at the end of summer. This will contribute to abundant flowering next year. We give a list of general rules that must be adhered to when pruning all varieties of shrubs. So, the scheme of pruning spirea in autumn looks like this:

  1. The first pruning is carried out two years after planting the plant.
  2. The life span of the branches is about 5 years, so the haircut is done to provide a beautiful view of the bushes.
  3. Every seven years, the plants are cut to the stump. Thus, a new bush is formed from young shoots.
  4. The best effect is obtained by cutting spiraea in early autumn, when the plant bloomed.
  5. To increase the density of the bush and reduce its size, just shorten the old shoots.
  6. In order to prevent diseases, old branches and affected shoots are removed.

In order to form a beautiful decorativebush, it will take several years. After 2 years after planting, choose the 5-6 strongest young branches. All the others are completely cut off. After the first flowering, only weak twigs are cut. Every 2-3 years old shoots are removed, but only young ones are left. Thus form the basis of future shrubs.

trimming spiraea in autumn scheme

Trimming at transplantation

Autumn is not only time for pruning, but also forplanting shrubs. How do spiery transplants take place in the fall? At this time of year, the early-flowering and late-flowering spiraea are planted. Most often for this use the method of dividing the bush. For such planting, it is not necessary to wait for the end of the fall leaf. You can divide 3-4-year plants. The bush is excavated, capturing half the projection of the crown. Superfluous roots are cut off, the rest - washed. In some cases, the excavated plant is put in a bucket of water and allowed to oxidize the soil. Then this bush is divided by a secateur into 2-3 parts, the branches are shortened by a third.

Then begin the process of transplantation:dig a hole and make a drainage layer. As drainage, use broken brick or granite. A little peat is added from above. The landing pit must correspond to the size of the roots of the seedling. The root system should not rest on the edges or the bottom of the pit, it needs space. Transplanting spiraea in autumn requires the addition of sand and sod land to the soil. The plant is lowered into the pit so that the root neck is located at the ground level. The earth around the divided bush is properly primed and watered. It should be noted that spirea perfectly tolerates the autumn transplant, which is combined with pruning.

what to do with spiraeus in autumn

When it is better to cut off spiruses - in the spring or in the autumn

People call spirea a bride.To ensure that such a sign corresponds to reality, it is important to correctly form the bushes in the right time. Many growers and professional designers like the plant for the abundant and long flowering, airiness and tenderness that it brings to the urban and garden landscape.

What to do with spiraeus in the fall, you've already traced.And can it be cut in the spring? Undoubtedly! In April, cut off the summer varieties of this ornamental plant. To form a beautiful bush in spring, the following steps are taken:

  • In the first year after planting, cut shoots by half. Branches are cut to the kidney, which is directed outwards.
  • After blossoming, the inflorescences are cut, thus stimulating the growth of the lateral shoots. The plant blooms continuously.
  • In the second year again, in April, shoots are cut to half the length, and in the summer, the faded inflorescences are removed.
  • For the third year they do the same procedure, only in the spring they also remove the old shoots to the base.

Grace and refinement of thin curvesEven ancient Greeks admired the spirea. Breeders brought out many kinds of favorite decorative culture. Among them are weeping, hemispherical, pyramidal, creeping, dwarf spirits. Most of them are well tolerated by winter frosts. In severe winters, some species can freeze, then these branches are pruned in spring. For varieties that are very afraid of frost, the tops of the branches are tied into a bundle, bent to the ground and covered with dry leaves. Take care in the spring and autumn about this unpretentious plant, and it will please you with delicate flower clouds.