Beautiful interiors of country houses in stylecountry newspapers are constantly adorned with authoritative magazines. What explains this popularity? At present, a lot of people prefer to replace their close apartment in the city center with a house that is as far removed from the busy roads. They tend to surround themselves with natural and natural objects that embody warmth, simplicity and coziness. In such a house you want to return, create in it and, of course, live fully.

Creating a design project of a country house in stylecountry, almost every second imagines simple rural housing, where it is always warm, smells of freshly baked bread and milk. That is why this design direction in the common people is called village. In such interiors, you can harmoniously combine both newfangled designs and antique old-fashioned gizmos.

country house interior in country style

Features of style

Before you start the design of a countryat home, you need to highlight the main features of the country style. First of all, you need to draw a clear line of intimacy with nature. The atmosphere in the house should be relaxed and maximally natural, giving peace and tranquility. This is what a country house in country style looks like. The garden and gazebo will be an excellent addition.

This direction has no special restrictions. It will give refinement and brightness to both small rooms and large ones. Surprisingly, a rustic house can look different. Everything will depend on the culture of a particular country. For example, there are several popular types of finishes:

  • Old Russian house;
  • American ranch;
  • English cottage;
  • tropical hut;
  • Swiss chalet.

As for the materials, they should beonly natural. Preference is given to the tree. It can be supplemented with metal or glass. But plastic in such houses is not used at all. Decorative elements have a direct connection with the village. These are pots with greens or flowers, mating onions, garlic, herbs. The windows are draped with simple curtains with ruffles. The predominant ornament is floral.

country style in the interior of a country house

A bit of history

Country style in the interior of a country house for the first timebegan to be used in the middle of the IX century. However, then it manifested itself only in small details. These were favorite things that were out of fashion. As a rule, they were stored in the most prominent places.

Modern country is fully formed already inXXI century. His popularity fell on the 70s. At present, high technologies, oddly enough, it is still quite in demand. Many people, very tired at work, tend to give the house coziness and comfort in order to be able to restore strength and vitality. But it is space, designed in the country style, can create the necessary conditions.

This design direction accumulatedpotential several centuries. Thanks to this, the interiors are multifaceted and deep. Such a space clearly demonstrates love and respect for ancient things and for the whole of history as a whole.

Options for finishing the main surfaces

Interior design in country house country stylebegins with the choice of finishes. In this issue, there are quite clear limitations. Such synthetic materials as linoleum, laminated panels, stretch ceilings, laminate and the like are categorically not acceptable for the design of such a space. When choosing the method of finishing, it must be remembered that all surfaces should preserve their natural appearance.

The ceiling in the country style is decorated with boards or wooden panels. Also, simple finishing methods, such as whitewashing or staining, are suitable.

There are many options for walls. From their choice will depend the entire interior of the country house in the country style. Let's look at the most popular of them:

  • Wallpaper. Ideal for simple or textile types with floral designs. You can also choose options that mimic the texture of wood, straw or rough fabric.
  • Staining. To do this, matte water-based paint is used.
  • A natural stone. Brick masonry will perfectly fit into the interior of the country house, which is made in the style of country.
  • Panels made of wood. Used to maximize the resemblance to the Russian hut.
  • Plaster. You can use both simple and decorative. Due to this material, a rather rough surface is created, which enhances the atmosphere in the room.

Floor covering must be maximallyfit into the overall concept. Designers recommend using ordinary boards that can be treated with paint and varnish. You can also use a stone or a ceramic tile.

interior design in country house country style

Color Solutions

Country style in the interior of the country house will not be complete without properly selected colors. When you design such spaces, you can use a large list of representatives of the palette.

  • Green is associated with vegetation. It acts on the body relaxing.
  • Red - personifies aggression. However, in small quantities it charges a person with positive energy.
  • Blue is the color of the sky or water. The shade is cold, it is able to act calmingly on the subconscious mind.
  • Yellow - is associated with solar heat. In such a room, everyone will be charged only with a positive and be in a good mood.

Of course, not only these colors can be used in country style. In the interior, all natural shades will look organic.

beautiful interiors of country houses in country style

Choosing furniture

Country style in the interior of a country housethe availability of appropriate furniture. First of all, it should be simple and even coarse in places. It is necessary to avoid graceful, smooth lines. In this space, you can install wicker chairs, benches instead of chairs, cupboards, massive cabinets and tables. The main rule when choosing furniture is practicality and naturalness. That is why such a house should be furnished with sound wooden items.

It is recommended to give preference to cleargeometric forms. For example, a rectangular or round table with a heavy worktop. The design is simple, the design is discreet. Finishing - polishing or paint. For decoration of furniture forged elements are used. Upholstery on upholstered furniture - dense rough fabric, something reminiscent of sacking.

Country in the interior of a country house


Country house interior in country stylemust be decorated with properly selected lamps. Necessarily in each room there should be a ceiling chandelier of classical design. Lampshades glass or textile, simple oval shape without frills. You can use lamps in the form of candles and candlesticks. They will complement the common space and set the necessary mood. In some places it is allowed to install spotlights, for example in the kitchen above the work surface. If the room is large, it is recommended to use several identical hanging chandeliers.

design country house design in country style


Country house interior in country styleallows you to clear up fantasies. After all the repair work is finished, you can do the decoration of the space. This is the final touch, which not only revitalizes the interior, but also brings it to its logical conclusion. All décor items in country style, like finishing materials, must be natural. It is recommended to make accents of yellow and green colors, for example flower pots, curtains on windows and doors, a large number of different dishes, and it should not be an exquisite porcelain set. Preference is best given to clay dishes, cups and other objects.

It is worth noting that this styleideal for people who have a creative nature. In this space, things made with their own hands look harmonious, for example embroidered pillowcases, bound curtains, napkins, tablecloths, paintings on household items, macrame.

The most common ideas for decorating space in a rustic style are:

  • Textile. Lace bedspreads, pillow cases, curtains with ruffles, paintings with hand embroidery and more.
  • Plants. On the walls, in the corners are placed indoor plants, hang dried mushrooms and herbs, garlic spit, on the windowsills - greens in pots of clay.
  • Wicker items. In the rooms you need to place baskets, vases, chests woven from the vines.
  • Open shelves. They place antique dishes made of wood and clay with hand painted.
    country house in country style garden and gazebo

Let's sum up the results

The interior of a country house in the style of a country to create independently is very easy. To do this, you need to follow certain rules:

  1. Naturalness.
  2. Simplicity and ease.
  3. Functionality.

In order to obtain an ideal finitethe result, it is necessary when decorating correctly to combine all the details in space and in no case to disturb harmony. Then the house will be filled with warmth and comfort.