Bedbugs, mites and other insects are capable of fairlyspoil the life of the owners of apartments and houses. With their victims, they often choose small children or old people. And when the population grows, then all households become the target of the attack. In addition to the fact that the bloodsuckers are nocturnal and interfere with healthy sleep, and bites itch, so these insects are also the bearer of various infectious diseases. This is a direct threat to the health of the whole family.

Fight against insects

Scientists around the world are developing drugs,capable of destroying a population of bedbugs, ticks and other insects. But over time, insects develop persistent immunity to drugs, after some time even the most powerful drugs become ineffective. Science is moving forward, creating new means.

"Yurax" is a new generation drug,which is designed to combat various types of insects: cockroaches, fleas, bugs, ants, flies, mosquitoes and ticks. From all kinds of insects that can occupy the house, there is one tool - "Yurax". Instructions for use, attached to each bottle, allows you to dilute a solution of the right concentration to combat a specific type of intruders.

Form of issue

A powerful means for the destruction of insects "Yurax"(25 BC), the instruction for use of which is attached to the preparation, is available in 500 ml containers for household use and in canisters of 1 and 5 liters for professional use.

Jurassic instruction on the use of ticks

The active substance is cypermethrin, the fractionwhich is 25%, the rest - solvents and stabilizers. The instruction manual attached to the "Yurax" tool is mandatory for study before use!


"Yurax" instructions for use describe how the liquid is reddish or brownish color, depending on storage conditions and shelf life. The drug has a sharp specific odor.

Dilution of the preparation and method of action on insects

The product in the vial has a highconcentration of the active substance. In this form, do not apply "Yurax". Instructions for use are on each vial. It states that the drug is diluted in 1 liter of warm water and thoroughly mixed to allow complete dissolution of the active substance.

"Yurax" from bugs instructions for useadvises to use a dosage of 2 grams per liter. From cockroaches - 4 grams, from fleas, ants, mosquitoes and flies - 2 grams. "Yurax" instruction for use of mites recommends dissolving 2 grams in a liter of warm water. The rate of consumption of the finished solution is 50-100 ml per m2.

jurax user's manual

The drug is intestinal-contact. Destruction occurs after direct contact of the insect with the means of "Yurax". The instructions for use guarantee that the drug acts on both adult insects and larvae. "Yurax" affects the nervous system of insects, causing paralysis. Impact on eggs does not have a drug. But due to the prolonged action, which lasts for 2-3 weeks, the hatched larvae also come in contact with the drug and die. Therefore, if the infection of the premises was not strong, then only one application is sufficient. To enhance the effect, the treatment can be repeated after 2 weeks. An earlier repetition is impractical.

Processing areas

The diluted drug is distributed usingsprayer in places of accumulation of insects, carefully processed beds, upholstered furniture, skirting boards, back walls of furniture, cracks and thresholds, carpets. It is important not to forget to sprinkle under linoleum, behind batteries, in other hard-to-reach places, because it is in them that insects build nests. If parasites are also found in neighboring apartments, then it is better to carry out complex treatment.

Yurax 25 kOe instructions for use

Work is carried out in gloves, a respirator andclothes with long sleeves to avoid an allergic reaction. In the treated room there should be only one person - one that produces pest control. After work, the room is ventilated for a couple of hours, and you can start cleaning. All surfaces should be cleaned with cleaning agents.

For protection from insects away from home, you canproduce clothing processing. To do this, prepare the solution, adding 5 ml of concentrate to a liter of water. To handle a set of clothes from the jacket and pants enough 200 ml of solution. Clothing will retain its protective properties for 2 weeks.

yurax from bugs

One of the best universal tools createdfor fighting insects, is "Yurax". A unique formula allows you to use it to combat various types of parasites. It is used both in living quarters, and for the processing of clothing, land and local area. This drug is harmless to humans and animals, subject to the rules of use and dosage. Using only "Yurax", you can fight almost all insects that live in the house.