There is always a lot of construction workgarbage. This is putty, residues of cement, chips, screws and so on. It can not be removed with conventional technology, since a bag can break or crack a container, and the particles will get into the engine, which will certainly lead to breakage.

Many manufacturers of vacuum cleaners have created a wholeline of professional models. Against the background of all available specimens, the devices of the German brand "Kercher" are especially prominent. Legends are about their quality, and they are fully justified. Building vacuum cleaners "Kercher" though are not cheap (about 15-20 thousand rubles), but their functionality and performance can be compared with more expensive specimens.

Let's take a closer look at the features of this type of equipment and its advantages.

construction kercher vacuum cleaners

Purpose of construction vacuum cleaners

Currently in the mediathere are many ads with the text "Turnkey repair" or "Turnkey construction". What is meant by them? The construction team should not only finish all the work processes, but also rent the housing perfectly clean. How quickly to achieve cleanliness in the premises where construction is taking place? Only with the help of special equipment. For example, in order to wash the chalk or putty with the hands from the floor, it will take at least 40-60 minutes, while it will be necessary to change the water several times. But just imagine that there are such devices that will clear this same area in just 10-15 minutes. And this building vacuum cleaners "Kercher". In the model range there are units that are intended for dry and wet cleaning. They also differ in their technical characteristics, functionality and performance.

Particular attention deserves models thatequipped with a dust collector made of metal. They can be used even in large building shops and industrial premises. For such purposes, a vacuum cleaner is purchased, which is designed for operation in difficult conditions.

It is unique that in the line "Kercher" there are suchdevices that can quickly remove oil stains, flammable, acidic and alkaline liquids. Also they quickly and qualitatively clean any surface from metal shavings. And thanks to modern technology, even fine dust materials can not damage the motor.

kerkher construction vacuum cleaner without bag

Types of vacuum cleaners

Construction vacuum cleaners "Kercher" can be twotypes: for dry cleaning and wet. Instances of the first type are used only under certain conditions. The main thing is that the garbage is dry. The volume of space does not play a role, since all devices have a high power. Almost every person with the word "industrial" imagines a rather noisy technique. However, the manufacturer brought this parameter almost to perfection, so the ear buzzing ears do not have to listen during the operation of the vacuum cleaner. Another criterion deserves attention - maneuverability. Looking at the dimensions of the device, it is difficult to believe in this, but thanks to the wheels that are installed on the body, it is very easy to move it. Work with such models can be a long time without interruption. You only need to select them based on performance.

The company "Kerher" took care of the wet cleaning. Considering that there is a lot of dust on the construction site, the need for such devices is easy to explain. Quickly clean the entire surface of debris and remove the dirt that can be cleaned in a qualitative way. The Kercher building vacuum cleaner can. Reviews of large enterprises fully confirm the declared characteristics. The cleaning process consists of two stages. The first is the spraying of the cleaning liquid, the second is the suction of the soaked coating. Thanks to this, not only cleaning, but also deodorization is carried out.

kerher construction vacuum cleaner reviews


Building vacuum cleaners "Kercher" have many significant advantages. Let's look at the main ones.

  • Stable performance even with prolonged operation.
  • German build quality.
  • Wide range of functions.
  • Modern technology of filtration.
  • You can completely abandon the maintenance.
  • Duration of continuous work.
  • Economical.
  • Effective cleaning.
  • Relatively low noise level while the engine is running.
  • Can not be corroded.
  • Presence of indicators of contamination of filters.
  • The antistatic system protects against electric shock.

Basic moments

Where household appliances become impotent,special industrial devices come to the rescue. They are designed in such a way that they can be used in large-scale production, where there are always mountains of debris, shavings and dust.

Vacuum cleaner for construction debris "Kercher" inDepending on the equipment can continuously work for a maximum of several hours thanks to a powerful engine. Adapted for the apparatus and for working with dimensional garbage. The units are supplied with special dust collectors, which, as a rule, have a volume of more than 17 liters. Depending on the purpose, they are represented by disposable non-woven bags or containers.

In the struggle for environmental friendliness, the manufacturerfor vacuum cleaners multistage filtration system. The exhaust air completely corresponds to the established sanitary norms. It is important to note the availability of self-cleaning technology.

vacuum cleaner for construction debris kerkher

Vacuum cleaner models without bags

In the model line of this brand there are many devices with a metal dust collector. Let's consider some of them.

  • Model AD 3.000 (1.629-667.0) - construction vacuum cleaner "Kercher" without a bag. Refers to a professional type. The power with which the engine works is 1200 watts. Designed for dry cleaning. The container is made of metal, has a volume of 17 liters. Parking - vertical. In the kit there are two nozzles. The network cable is 4 m long. The power regulator is installed on the casing. The slope is made of galvanized steel.
  • Karcher NT 70/2. The unit has a power of 2300 Watts. It is designed for dry cleaning. It can also be used to collect liquid in a specially designed container. Dust collector metal, capacity of 70 liters. Standard equipment. The noise level is 76 dB. The length of the cable is 7.5 m.

Models with bags

vacuum cleaner construction kercher nt361

Studying vacuum cleaners of the trade mark "Kercher", it is necessary to pay attention to models with bags.

  • Karcher MV 3 - the device consuming duringwork 1000 watts. A single-use dust collector holds 17 liters of garbage. Used for dry and wet cleaning. The unit is equipped with a standard filtration system. This model perfectly copes with cleaning both in open space and indoors.
  • Vacuum cleaner construction "Kercher" NT361 Ecohas an improved filtration system. The maximum power is 1380 watts. Equipped with a large dust collector for 35 liters. There is a self-cleaning system. The kit includes two hoses: suction and drain. After carrying out wet cleaning it is necessary to dry the unit and empty the tank.
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