Pruning of cherries in autumn
Some trees, including such as cherryand cherry, blossom very early. That is why many events with them are held in the autumn. That's the care for cherries - pruning, feeding, etc., carried out in late October or early November, depending on the region where it grows, is fully justified. Fertilizers, for example, made at this time, contribute to the growth of the tree.

Pruning of cherries in autumn is one of the main methods of care, the purpose of which is to improve fruiting. It is known that it should be done regularly and in a timely manner, taking into account many features.

According to experts, pruning of cherries in autumnsignificantly improves the viability of these stone fruit trees, increases their yield and productive period. It is at this time to form a sparse-tiered or cup-shaped crown.

Correct pruning of cherries

In the first case, pruning the cherries in autumnon trees with a good branch. Typically, gardeners form the crown of the main six branches. The first tier should be two adjacent top-order offshoots. At the same time, the third one should be left a little higher - at the level of twenty centimeters towards the top.

The second level should also be two branches, distant from the first at a distance of almost a meter. Then another one is formed over it at a distance of thirty centimeters.

Pruning of cherries in autumn by a tiered-sparse method involves the removal of the central conductor just a year after the last single branch has been formed.

Care for the cherry pruning
When the tree is still young, it is not touched, since the main one-year increment can completely die from frost, especially in the places where the slices are made.

Those individuals that are strong enoughthickened, only the largest burdened branches are removed, not all and not small ones. Such pruning of cherries in autumn will not harm the future harvest. It should only be taken into account that a delayed measure to ease the crown can help reduce the winter hardiness of trees.

Correct pruning of cherries depends on the type of particular tree. This garden crop can be of two types: tree-like and bush-shaped.

The latter form long hanginggains that strongly thicken the crown. That's them and you need to form a cup-like principle, thinning and removing large ones, while leaving basically only small branches.

A tree cherry, which, as a rule, has a narrow pyramidal shape with a high crown, is cut by a sparse-longline method.

In this case, the skeletal branches of the basic order should be located at an angle of less than forty degrees, so that the tree does not break up as it grows old.

Correct tree crown

The tree-like species of this fruit cropfruit only on bouquet sprouts. Therefore, after the formation of the crown, pruning the cherries in autumn is only the removal of dry, weaving or broken branches.

In general, pruning the cherries in autumn is thinningor shortening. In this stone-fruit tree, since the second year, young branches that are longer than half a meter are shortened by one-third. And then the pruning is carried out depending on the shape of the crown and its size.