Many landowners dream that theirat least a small brick house appeared. The erection of such structures has a centuries-old history, so it was possible to test all the main advantages in practice. Of brick today, a large number of capital structures are created, which can serve their masters for more than a hundred years. Despite the fact that absolutely new materials appear in the modern world, the brick still continues to be used very often. With its help small buildings, cottages and even high-rise buildings are erected, characterized by high strength.

Brick house
In many cases, single-story brick housesare built with their own hands, due to which their final cost is reduced to a considerable extent. However, for this it is necessary to know how the brickwork made of ceramic or silicate brick is properly made. In fact, there are several types of seams. Provide a reliable protection from the external environment is capable of concave seam, involving the use of a special tool. The seam with a bevel up is done, if necessary, to achieve good protection against high moisture. As for internal works, it usually produces a complete seam. Brick house after masonry is necessarily subjected to finishing processing of seams.

One-story brick houses
If you managed to build a brick house correctly,then for him you can not worry for many years, because this material has successfully passed the test for strength. In addition, the life of a brick has been fully demonstrated. Such structures can last for about a hundred years without repairing the facade. In our time, preserved buildings, the age of which is several hundred years. The material perfectly tolerates all negative environmental influences (atmospheric precipitation, frost, heat, etc.) and is a real impersonation of reliability.

Build a brick house
In connection with the fact that the brick house is built fromnatural and environmentally friendly material, there are no harmful substances for human health, which is now appreciated by all masters. Its walls are able to regulate the humidity of the air in the dwelling, forming pleasant conditions inside. Due to this feature, at any time of the year a favorable microclimate is maintained. The same can not be said about concrete, so the panel analogs in this respect seriously lose the structures of brick.

In conditions of our climate an important factor,influencing the choice of material, is frost resistance. And from this point of view, the brick house is well tolerated by minus temperatures. In addition, it has a high fire safety, which is not always can boast of other materials. In addition to all the listed advantages, the brick is inherent aesthetics, which is fully used by many architects. Sufficiently small material sizes and masonry technology allow them to realize a wide variety of options, creating true masterpieces with the required number of floors.