Planting of decorative bushes, lianas, treesis one of the best ways to decorate a site. There are a huge number of species and varieties with the original shape of the crown and beautiful flowers. To such spectacular plants is the golden rain.

beef landing and care

The beaver is the liana. Description

bean liana
This low-lying lianate tree duringflowering is entirely covered with bright yellow flowers, collected in long, dangling brushes. The scientific name of the plant is a bean. Most often in the garden plots are grown golden anagyrostal rain. It grows in the form of a multi-stemmed tree with hanging shoots. Individual copies of the beaver can reach 7 meters in height. There are decorative forms with weeping branches, with leaves of golden color. There are varieties whose leaves are shaped like oak in shape.

The lover. Planting and care. Reproduction

The easiest way is to multiply the bean with seeds. It is better to sow them under winter. Then shoots will appear after the snow falls. If the crop is postponed until the spring, the seeds must be stratified. They are mixed with wet coarse-grained sand and kept for a month and a half at a temperature just above zero. You can mechanically destroy the rind of the fruit, for example, using sandpaper. Seedlings of the beaver are better adapted to specific climatic conditions and are more hardy. Cuttings are carried out from the second half of June to the middle of July. Cut the semi-elongated shoots of the current year and divide them into parts. On each cut should be two internodes. The leaves are shortened by a third. The main conditions for rapid rooting: scattered lighting and sufficient humidity. You can multiply the beaver layers. For this spring, flexible shoots are pinned to the ground and sprinkled with earth from above. By the autumn the layers acquire their own root system. But on a permanent place they are transplanted only the next year.

The lover. Planting and care. Tips for the flower growers

For planting the plants will fit only wellilluminated areas. When shading, the lower branches are bare, and the bloom is weakened. The soil must be fertile, loose, sufficiently humid. Under the dig, lime and organic fertilizers are added. The bean grows fast. And already for the third year after planting the plant blooms.

The lover. Planting and care. Temperature and other indicators

bean purple
Carries frosts to -25 ° C. But in severe winters it often freezes. And although it is easy to restore, but this year almost does not bloom. Therefore, in the middle band, plants are usually sheltered during the winter. After flowering, the brushes are cut to make the tree better prepared for flowering next year. The beaver is resistant to gas and smoke, so it can be planted in the city and not far from industrial enterprises.

The lover is purple. Pruning, watering, soil

The bovine root system is superficial,This is worth remembering when loosening and weeding. Adult plants watered as needed. Usually watering is only required in dry periods. Crop the beaver in the early spring, before the leaves appear. This removes all frozen, weak and diseased branches. With the help of trimming, you can give the young tree the right shape. But adult plants do not tolerate such a procedure. The golden rain is almost not affected by pests and is resistant to most diseases, so a beaver, planting and caring for which will be carried out on your site, is quite unpretentious in this matter.