If the manager of a trading network of firm "Ikea" to setthe question of why people buy this particular manufacturer's furniture, he will answer that many of his customers like to see the interior of their home in a simple style that implies minimalism and, importantly, they like the ecology of the furniture they buy. Also noted the convenience of its use. Here on these three whales the production of the furniture company "Ikea" was built, which uses the latest technologies of wood processing, and this gives a guarantee of the durability of the furniture samples it creates.

Samples of the series "Hemmes"

Of all the products most in demandbuyers use the furniture series "Hemmes", made in a strict Scandinavian style. The series includes pieces of furniture that will decorate any of the rooms in the house, apartment, villa. The production of this series of furniture uses pine material in the form of solid wood. From a pine beam a frame is made, and a veneer is used as a design finish.

bed hemes hickey reviews

The greatest demand from the series is the bed "Hemmes". Feedback from buyers who bought it, sound like this:

  • They were looking for the bed of their dreams, so that it was comfortable and stylish at the same time.
  • Better beds "Hemmes" did not meet, so they are so pleased with their acquisition.

The choice of buyers is actually very correct. The bed should be large, but at the same time comfortable. The main thing is that it is made of a durable material that you do not want to change. After all, the main part is the massive and reliable frame of the bed in the series "Hemnas". The responses to this question are mainly due to the fact that ecological products from wood are purchased, which is of no small importance at present.

Comfort and coziness for the bedroom

Buying a bed for a bedroom, it is worthDetermine what kind of product you want. Design projects give an opportunity to choose the buyer what he wants. Usual sizes at beds - 1,9 and 2 m. To high clients representatives of firm concern with understanding, offering to increase length in the liked sample, naturally, with surcharge.

hemes skeleton bed reviews

Original looks in the bedroom doublebed "Hemmes" ("Ikea"). Reviews of those who bought it, boil down to the fact that everyone is comfortable with the color scale and the possibility of adjusting the bottom. Young couples evaluate this purchase in their own way: this classic, and sleep on it - it's a pleasure! It is quite flattering to get the bed "Hemmes". Reviews such a plan for the company "Ikea" important.

A unique couch

The most universal representative of the series iscouch "Hemmes". Acquire it for the living room, and for the bedroom, someone even for the kitchen studio. In addition to purchasing, buyers are referred to as having three roomy drawers, which, alternatively, can be used to store sleeping accessories or other household items.

bed hemes reviews

The idea of ​​purchasing a couch "Hemnas" is suitable for thosebuyers who live in a one-room apartment. You can not put a bed, but you do not like sleeping on the couch. This same unique couch plays the role of a sofa, no matter where it stands. At night it is a single or double bed "Hemmes". Customer feedback encourages the designers who created this couch, suitable for its functionality to all family members.


The couch "Hemmes" goes on sale with a single mattress, made of synthetic latex. If you intend to use the couch as a variant of a double bed, you can purchase another mattress in the furniture store. Usually it is polyurethane. The products of the company "Ikea" are on the leading positions in the furniture market. Buyers like not only the couch and the bed "Hemmes", reviews of which speak for themselves, but also other samples of furniture of this brand.